Centos Unistall Asterisk

Alright being kind of new to a unix enviornment and learning how to work with a pure command line interface how would one unistall an application like asterisk from the command line.  I have to admit, the years of dealing windows and dos prompts have kept me in a close ended microsoft enviornment and i am trying my hardest to grasp the concepts of linux so bear with me.

Anyways my question is rather simple.  How would I unstall an app from the command line such as Asterisk as I already have it installed but having troubles upgrading it and want to just put a fresh install from scratch.  Normally in Windows I'd just install and re-install.  I can only assume I have that same functionality in linux.  I currently am using CentOS.

Thanks guys!
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NoodlesWIUAuthor Commented:
Sorry typo in original post, "Normally I'd UNISTALL then reinstall"
rpm -e asterisk

This assumes it is installed as an rpm (should be).  The name I gave you may be wrong.  You could do the following to figure out the package name:
rpm -qa|grep asterisk
NoodlesWIUAuthor Commented:
Package not installed.  Also did your second command and it thinks for a minute then goes directly back to the prompt showing no results.

Any other thoughts?
Apparently, it is not installed as a regular package for CentOS.  This pages appears helpful:


But I personally don't use Asterisk, so I can't give you program specific uninstall instructions.  

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NoodlesWIUAuthor Commented:
Thats fine, im just looking for basics and pointed in the right direction.  You never learn by someone else giving you the answer.  Let me take a look at what you found.  Thanks.
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