print code in color

How can i print code in color when I print it go black but  in screen it is color
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I don't think this is possible in dreamweaver, although other editors may support it.  The colour is applied at screen level dynamically and its just the underlying text that's printed.  The only workaround would be to screen-grab then paste as a bitmap into some image-editing software, although that would only work for small portions of code.
Microsoft provide a free code editor that does print in colour, although the actual colour-coding is slightly different to DW's,
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Hi teera,

There are a couple of other workarounds:

1) If this is any version of Studio, you also have an application called HomeSite.  You can open pages with that and print in code view with color.

2) If you have access to PHP, see this PAQ:

Vallenwood's answer works very well too.
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