SHow like a 'msgbox' during run of pl/sql in pl/sql developer | selecting 'output' sheet after execution


What i want is (if possible):
1. After the pl/sql is done running showing the ' output' sheet of pl/sql developer.
2. Showing an equivalent of the vb msgbox during excution of pl/sql statements

I hope somebody can help me with this, as searching about this didn't provide me with answer.., esp. about first question.

I wrote my code in the SQL-script window. (since that is the only window i kno so far that shows normal sql-statements as a resultset in the resultgrid that comes up below the qry)... if any1 knows how to accomplish this in pl/sql..-> gettin a resultsetgrid to show n fill under pl/sql i would be most gratefull.

*points r so high cuz i hope to get answer soon.., and becuz of the many subquestions.*


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The closest you can come is to use the dbms_output package and turn output on.... This shows all the 'output' information after the pl/sql package is completed. The drawback is that you have to use pl/sql, not straight sql though, and the results don't display....

You can also use PROMPT in the straight sql window to display output, then have the user need to press a key.

It isn't clear which you are after.  Here is a sample sqlplus run showing dbms_output...
Notice the Set Serveroutput on line, then, after the pl/sql block is completed, the output lines....

SQL> set serveroutput on
SQL> begin
  2   for i in 1..3 loop
  3    dbms_output.put_line(to_char(i));
  4   end loop;
  5  end;
  6  /

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.


OK, and you can also do a prompt in a script... I saved this script as a file on my C:\ directory as test.sql

alter session set nls_date_format='mm/dd/yyyy hh24:mi:ss';
select sysdate from dual;
prompt done with sql statement

Then I run it in the sql window as follows:

SQL> start c:\test.sql

Session altered.

04/14/2006 07:38:52

done with sql statement

Hopefully this is what you are asking....
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