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I need to remotely access an XP Home PC

Hi there.

Im in the office on a windows 2000 pro PC.

I have a friend with pc problems and would like to remotely access their machine which is XP Home

Is there a quick temporary way of doing this?



1 Solution
Pete LongConsultantCommented:
REMOTE Assistance is your best bet

If your using Windows XP consider "Remote assistance"
If you need to connect to XP using OLDER operating systems look here

Remote Control

To Remote Control another PC/Server over a network you need some dedicated software
The most popular (because its free) is VNC (Virtual Network Computing) you can download it here
http://www.uk.research.att.com/vnc/ or Consider http://www.tightvnc.com/

RemoteControl from DataSet http://www.dataset.fr/eng/rc.html
HueyPC From GID Software http://www.grassheap.com/software.php?ID=2405
Commercial Software
PC Anywhere http://www.symantec.com/pcanywhere/
NetOP From CrossTec http://www.crossteccorp.com/
RADMIN from Sunbelt http://www.sunbelt-software.com/product.cfm?id=470 (cheap on small networks)

NOTE: If you intend to remotely control a Windows 2000 server use Terminal Services (add it as a
windows component and select remote ADMINISTRATION MODE) This gives you up to 2 concurrent connections
On your client install adminpak.msi from the W2K server disk. This RARELY works for Win XP, to fix  
download this patch.

Windows XP only supports one Remote connection by default- though you can "bend it" to accept two!
8428 » How can I enable two Remote Desktop connections to Windows XP SP2?

Windows Netmeeting supports "remote desktop sharing"

Bear in mind if you need to go through a router at home, you will need to enable port forwarding.
Or If you are going through a firewall you may need to open some ports, see the product documentation
for more details.

I've trialed A LOT of remote control software and to be honest this beats everything, you don't need
to install anything on the "Target" PC (if its 2K or XP)
Mini Remote Control

ADD Right click remote control to Active directory users and computers snap-in

Of course if you lucky enough to have Novell you can use ZenWorks for Desktops as well!
Logmein is another great free peice of software. This will even get behind firewalls so you would not have to do any kind of port forwarding.

LogMeIn Free lets you get on your computer without physically being there.

With access to your PC from anywhere, you can go wherever, whenever:

» Open remote files            » Access from any browser
» Check your email            » Access from wireless Pocket PC
» Run programs             » Easy-to-use interface
» Run system diagnostics  » 100% FREE to use!


auraorangeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the feedback guys.

Although logmein.com are not free or the cheapest, the whole program and setup is so simple and does exactly what I want, I was able to have a weeks holiday knowing the data was syncronised with my home pc!



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