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Using WindowsXPsp2 firewall how do I open ports between 6881 and 6999?

I need to do this to use a torrrent client.

Please can an expert help me resolve this issue.
1 Solution
goto the control panel then goto network connections then right click on your connection and goto properties hit the advanced tab.  Then click the exceptions tab next click add port enter the name and port number click ok do this for each one and you are done.  Hope it helps
2.2.2 Configure ICF in SP2

-> Open your Windows Control Panel and select “Security Centre.”
-> Scroll down to the “Manage security settings for:” section and select “Firewall”
-> Decide whether you want to keep the firewall on or off. Make an informed decision based on more than the information provided by Microsoft. If you decide to switch it off, then do so and move onto section 2.2. Otherwise, continue this section.
-> Select the “Exceptions” tab.
-> Select “Add Port…”
-> Name: = BitTorrent (or anything of your choice)
-> Port number: = 16881
-> Press OK.
2.3 Configure Your Router

If you are on a LAN with a router or hardware firewall, you may need to configure it. You need to forward BitTorrent’s connection ports to your specific PC on the LAN.
If your connection is shared using Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), go to section 2.3.
There are too many routers to cover in this guide, so it is time to head to Google. Search for port forwarding, BitTorrent and the name of your router. Lots of manufacturers provide specific information on their sites. A generic guide to port forwarding for most routers can be found at PortForward.com.

More details

This guide is applicable to ALL BitTorrent clients

Title: Trouble opening ports, setting up port forwarding (BitTorrent)

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Good Luck
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
The SP2 Firewall GUI do not support opening range of ports in a single entry. But you can put the individual port entries one by one in the Netfw.inf file.

Windows firewall work two ways, for ports or for appz.
You can use the second way.
Right Click on the Network connection -> Change Firewall settings -> Exeptions -> Add program and from the common dialog box locate the executable of that torrent app. With this way, you don't care witch port it's used by the app, because it's working on any port. Only that app.

Hope this helps.

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