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Tell me from which site do i would purchase games so i could downlaod them directly to my harddisk note that the games should be latest and downloadable....
doesn't matter if they have to be purchased
thanks a lot
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lov_hackerAuthor Commented:
i knew this one any other suggestion ???  that is a good one .........
lov_hackerAuthor Commented:
Any other sitezzzz plzzz.........
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this is NOT the regular "yahoo games" this is "games on demand", which "rents" real full games (like you'd buy in the store) on a subscription basis. $5 for 1 game for 3 days, $10 for 3 games for 1 month, or $15 per month for unlimited games. they currently have 171 games (add more regularily), both old and new. subscription kinda make sense if you've got kids (short attention span), like to try different games but don't like being limited by a demo version, or get bored with story based games after you've "won" it once...  the unlimited subscription price comes to about the same as buying just four or five games a year (i know many families who buy a lot more than that!)
are the source of many of the games you see on yahoo at the regular 'yahoo games'. you can buy the 'downloadable' games direct from their web sites (follow the 'free/trial download' links where you'll get the option to download or buy)

You can find a number of recent games to purchase online here :

How about this one:


Many game companies offer a download option on their website if you look around the store for the specific game you want.
Try this website, you will find many games here
Lots and lots of games to try here:
f-kingIT support technicianCommented:
Derek JensenCommented:
The best download client for new games is
HL2, Sin Episodes, Rag Doll Kung Fu, Red Orchestra just to name a few. I think that matches closest with what you're looking for.
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