Transmission of audio signal using ER400TRS transceiver(data control executed by PIC16F876)


my task is to program a PIC16F876 using C programming (ccs) to execute a bi-directional communication link using Easy Radio Transceiver (ER400TRS).

A simple microphone pre-amp connects to analoge input of the the PIC, ADC is carried out by PIC, result is transmitted to transceiver using (port RC 6)........THIS IS TRANSMIT SUB-ROUTINE

The transceiver detects RF data, downloads it in its internal buffer, alarts the PIC by lowering 'Busy line', PIC decodes the data and puts it on one of the Port B's which connects to a low pass filter for an analogous waveform before going to audio amplifier (output)

please help because my trails have so far produce no successful result.
G .A (Thanx)

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I will try to explain the Bluetooth part!

Bluetooth is a standard that use : pre-defined/standard profiles ( ) - Custom defined (you can define the protocol of this profile)
But, the both ends (sender and reciever) must implement the same profile so they can talk to each other!
For transmiting sounds, the best profile (i think) is: A2DP: Advanced Audio Distribution profile.  (HandsFree/Headset can help you too)
So, what do you need exactly, is either implment the profile yourself (see details in spec page) , or you can choose a Stack (implementation of Bluetooth) where the required profile is implemented (not all stack implement all profiles).

Reading the specifiction will tell you really what do you want. and then, try to find a stack (implementation of Bluetooth) to give you either already implemtented profiles or at least the lower part of Bluetooth software, so you can implement your required profile on it.
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