Proxy Server Integration

Hi All-

I have a Server 2003 Domain, housed on 3 Power Edge Servers.

I am interested in the concept of a Proxy Server, but I have never had to roll one out, so I'm looking for suggestions.  I would love to have answers for the following questions as a start:

o  What are you guys using now?  If you had it to do over would you choose a specific course?
o  Let's say that money is not an issue....what's the cadillac of Proxy Servers?
o  What are some pro's and con's of a Proxy Server integration?

Any other information you can provide will be appreciated, as I truly know nothing about them....

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Hi Jandakel2,

have a read and look at MS solution..


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Jandakel2Author Commented:
Thanks JJ,

That looks a bit like swatting a fly with a hammer though.....I have everything else in place, I just need info on a proxy solution.  

ISA is a proxy solution my confused!
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Jandakel2Author Commented:
Yes, it is but it is proxy, firewall, intrusion detection, etc.  I was just looking for a "simple" Proxy solution....know what I mean?  I already have an AV hardware appliance that performs most everything that ISA server does.....with the exception of Proxy Services.  Not intending to sound rude......thanks for your suggestion.

ahhh i see i see   thats cool!

good tut with a couple of suggested proxys down the bottom, besides that i havent got any suggestions besides trend micro suite which is great

Cheap and very good.

Jandakel2Author Commented:
Netman....please read previous post

Not sure what I missed.

Winproxy can be used as a simple proxy server.  It runs on a client OS if need be.  You don't need to subscribe to filters or AV, just use it for basic proxy.

It's not expensive at all.

Jandakel2Author Commented:
okay, that is what I was talking about.....that I didn't want a whole bunch of different programs, just a proxy server.  Everyone seems to be homing in on one part of one of my questions, which was what are some examples of Proxies out there.  Please take a look at the other questions and give me some input if you would.....Thanks!


>>>>  What are you guys using now?  If you had it to do over would you choose a specific course?
Trend Micro Management Suite - if we had to do it again we would, it has been great, Although our second choice woud have been ISA

>>>>  Let's say that money is not an issue....what's the cadillac of Proxy Servers?
There are that many different options that there is no one BEST Proxy, I would Say Trend, Keith Alabaster would most probably say ISA

>>>> What are some pro's and con's of a Proxy Server integration?
Pro's of course are the security benefits, much more control of who can access what and restrict the chance of crap getting into your network
Con's are that you introduce another point of failure into your network, you also create more work initially and supporting it in the future, it can be expensive to implement

Hope that helps a little bit, if i missed your Q again then i am sorry!
I use ISA.  Cost is a factor for sure, but this is an Enterprise class firewall.  No need to go there if you only need a simple proxy.  I would still use it given choices.

The Cadillac of proxies/firewalls....everyone will tell you something different.  There are a number of great products out there; Checkpoint FW1, Raptor, ISA (software); SonicWall, Watchguard, Cisco PIX, Nortel Contivity, Symantec Security Appliance, McAfee's appliance (hardware).  

All proxy really does is relay requests from a single IP address (itself).  This way you can setup firewall rules that only allow that single IP address outbound access.  It's much tighter control.  It works on the "many-to-one" principal of allowing you to have muliple hosts relay through one.  Then you are able to apply rules to this communication if you want to as well as logging all transactions so you can tune things or spot problems.
Jandakel2Author Commented:
I am currently waiting to receive a Cisco ASA.  I have an AV Appliance that does web content filtering, intrusion detection, spam filters, black lists, white lists etc.  It is my opinion that between the ASA implementation, NAT, a DMZ and our AV Appliance we are perfectly okay, but I was taken down a road recently with Google Images (I administer a school district network) where the kids were able to look up any garbage pictures that they wanted by going to google images, and I was researching a way to combat this.......that is why I'm looking at the Proxy solution.  I was considering assigning the proxy server to the kids via group policy, that way their internet searches could be monitored a bit better......SOOO that's the background.....I was hoping there would be something I could just "throw up"...I'm not even certain if the proxy would fix the Image search problem.....Thanks for the advice guys, I really appreciate it.
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