Stop error 0x0000008E

PIII 500
AOpen MX64 Motherboard
Windows 2003 Server

Stop error 0x0000008E  (0xC0000005, 0x805723D9, 0xf8902B90, 0x00000000)

I am trying to assist a small company that has this old PC that was setup as a temporary server to allow VPN access from another office but it has actually been in service for quite some time.  It has become a critical network component.

Yeh, I know.... why are they setting up a critical component on old junk???  Answer: I don't know.  But for now I just need to get this fixed.

It was constantly crashing and I think it would loose power very often when this happened.  I installed a new power supply and it booted up fine.  I planned to install new RAM also.  After my first successful bootup, I noticed that the Norton Antivirus Corp. Version 8 was not loading any more so I tried to reinstall it but I had no success.  I even tried NAV Corp V.9 but it didn't seem to install completly either.

I decided to forget about that for the moment and install some new RAM.  I checked in the BIOS and I saw that there were setting for SDRAM speeds (8 & 10NS) so I purchased Kingston 2 x 256 SDRAM 133Mhz.  As soon as I installed them I could not get the PC to boot up any more without stop errors.

I decided to just put back the old RAM for the moment but I would not boot-up anymore either.  I even tried Safe Mode.

I did a MEMTEST with the old RAM in the PC and the results came back with many errors.

I've tried a bunch of different RAM in this PC and I can't seem to get it to boot -up anymore.  Now it will just continually reboot if I leave it alone.

Unfortunately, this old PC has become a critical part of this little company's network.

Any help on this issue would be appreciated.
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If you are a consultant for this small company, I would get something in writing asap, stating that your are not responsible for any data loss....especially when dealing with the old PC hardware.

It very much sounds like the RAM is bad.    There is a possibility that this occured when the memory was removed...  I would attempt to buy new memory for the server that is exactly the same as the old RAM (good luck)
yellerAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the input.

I thought the RAM had to be the problem also.   I did try other RAM, which I checked (in the same PC) using MemTest and it tested good.  Unfortunately, the PC keeps giving me Stop error 0x0000008E and then it reboots.

Right now, as an experiment,  I'm trying to see if another hard disk can be used in this PC.  I'm currently trying to install Windows on another hard drive.  If this works and the PC doesn't reboot, I guess it would proove that the RAM is not the problem.

I'll keep you updated.
yellerAuthor Commented:
I temporarily installed another hard disk on this PC and installed XP.  It installed perfectly and I've rebooted several times with no problems.

I guess this prooves the RAM is good.  It looks like  it's a Windows problem now.

Any recommendations would really be appreciated.
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The crash may be caused device driver error (ie video, sound card, modem and etc), corrupted device drivers or corrupted registry. The system event log and the minidump has the most useful diagnostic information. When Windows crashes with blue screen, it writes a system event 1001 or 1003 and a minidump to the folder \windows\minidump. Check system event 1001 and 1003 and it has the detail of the blue screen.

Event ID: 1001
Source: Save Dump
The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck.The bugcheck was : 0xc000000a (0xe1270188, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x804032100).
Microsoft Windows..... A dump was saved in: .......

Event Source: System Error
Event Category: (102)
Event ID: 1003
Error code 1000007f, parameter1 0000000d, parameter2 00000000, parameter3 00000000, parameter4 00000000

Control Panel -> Adminstrative Tools -> Event Viewer -> System -> Event 1001/1003. Copy the content and paste it back here

Zip 5 to 6 minidumps to a zip file and attach it at any webspace. I will study the dump and find out the culprit. If you can't provide the minidumps, run memtest to stress test the ram. Make sure that your windows is not infected with spyware, adware adn chkdsk /r.

Get public webspace
Use a free service like rapidshare to attach the minidumps and post the url of the mimidumps at this thread.
yellerAuthor Commented:

Thanks.  I'll try to gather whatever information I can.

I have removed all the cards I can from this PC, except the video card, and it continues to just crash with the stop error.

I tried to go into safe mode with command pronpt but it just keeps giving a BSOD.  Maybe I'll try recovery console to see if I can at least get a DOS prompt.

I'll let you know what happens.

Thanks agan.
yellerAuthor Commented:

I just booted again with the original hard disk.  I got the following error:


Stop: 0x00000050 (0x96F684A0, 0x00000000, 0x8057A530, 0x00000000)
Attach the minidump at the webspace.
yellerAuthor Commented:
I booted into Recovery Console and I managed to get a prompt.

I'm currently running chkdsk /r and then I'll run chkdsk /f.
yellerAuthor Commented:
When I finish this( chkdsk) I'll send you whatever minidump info I find.
yellerAuthor Commented:
I can go to the c:\windows\minidump directory.  But when I try to copy a file to the A: drive it says "access is denied"

Any suggestions?
yellerAuthor Commented:
I just discovered the following:

when you are using the Windows Recovery Console, you cannot copy a file from the local hard disk to a floppy disk. However, you can copy a file from a floppy disk or from a CD-ROM to a hard disk, and you can copy a file from one hard disk to another hard disk.

I'll have to find a way to copy the files off of this hard drive.
yellerAuthor Commented:
yellerAuthor Commented:
I booted the computer on another hard disk.

I am going to scan the original hard disk for viruses and spyware.
The crash is caused by sofyware hive corruption.

BugCheck 1000008E, {c0000005, 8057a530, fc110864, 0}
Probably caused by : ntoskrnl.exe ( nt!HvpGetCellMapped+7f )

Refer the following webpage to repair software hives

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Refer the following case and it is similar to your problem
yellerAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the help.  Unfortunatley, I have a BIG problem.  How can I install this fix if I can't get into Windows??

Any suggestions?
yellerAuthor Commented:
Recovery console will NOT allow me to execute the uphclean command.
yellerAuthor Commented:
I got it to boot into Windows 2003 by following this procedure:

In recovery console, I went into C:\windows\system32\config and I copied ...system, software, security & sam to a temporary folder.  Then I copied all those files from C:\windows\repair to C:\windows\system32\config.

I rebooted the server and then did a shutdown.  Then I booted into recovery console again and copied all the original files back.  
I was able to get into Windows 2003 now  but I'm sure the registry is damaged because when I go into Add/Remove programs it doesn't recognize any previously installed software.. Although I tested some apps and they opened.  But I'm sure it's messed up.

I ran uphclean but I didn't see anything happen.  I checked the services and it says it is running but I really did not see anything happening with uphclean.

I'm going to plug it back into the network on Monday and I'll be able to see then how much trouble I'm really in.

I'll let you know what happens.

Any further suggestions are ALWAYS appreciated.
yellerAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, the procedure I ran above did not help.

I've restore the original config files and I'm back to stop error 0x0000008E.

How can I possibly run uphclean if I can't boot into windows.  Can I run it from Recovery Console??

Please help!!
yellerAuthor Commented:
I tried to boot again in safe mode and I got the following error:


Stop error 0x00000050
It really looks like either the RAM or other "memory" related hardware is faulty, or the OS is so totally screwed up (software hive as the above expert mentioned) that you are really out of luck at this point.  Personally, I think if you could get it up and running again, it won't run like it did, and it will probably fail again.

I would make notes of which "roles" the server provides now, and talk with your client about getting a replacement server for this and installing the OS from scratch and getting the roles set back up (you mentioned VPN as one), unless a *good* backup is available.

Sounds like you are a cab driver in a broken down cab at this point, and if you keep the meter running while tinkering under the hood, the passenger is going to get pissed eventually about it.

Tell them the "old computer" has served its purpose and time, and that computers do die eventually and it's time to get a replacement.
yellerAuthor Commented:
The Cleaner,

Unfortunately, I agree with your diagnosis.  I don't think RAM is the issue because I installed another hard drive in this PC and I was able to install and run Windows XP from it no problem.  Windows corruption is more likely to be the problem (I think ...).

The problem is that I'm not sure anyone know what the roles of this server were.  I believe it was in charge of multiple services including, VPN, telephone services, some database, etc.  I never really had a chance to have a look at this device before it crashed.  And guess what, this device does NOT have a backup... chuckle, chuckle!

Rebuilding this thing will be a VERY BIG PROBLEM!!

While I agree with you and realize the sentiment, it is the client's big problem.

It's a tough lesson to learn, but this is where you can explain what the previous IT consultant did wrong (no backups) and explain to the client that the server is only as good as its last good backup.

It will probably be an expensive lesson for them to learn, but you'll have to take the approach of helping them clean up the mistake and get them back to working.  If they don't know all of the roles, at least get the ones they do know up and going again (keep the old hard drive around).  Then see if you can extract any data/info off the old drive that would hint to what it did, and see if it can be recreated.  If not, it was setup once brand new, it can be done again...albeit at a cost and time factor.
yellerAuthor Commented:

So, we declared the PC DEAD!  Oh well...

Thanks for your input.  

I understand completely what you mean.  Unfortunately, it's not the first time I've run into this type of situation.  I just don't look forward to trying to put all the puzzle pieces back together.

yellerAuthor Commented:
I am going to accept cpc2004's answer.  I am sure that the software hive  was corrupt.  Unfortunately, it was too broken to fix.

Thanks cpc2004
Totally understand.

I would HIGHLY recommend they purchase real server hardware with a real warranty.  It's usually not that bad if you just get something basic.  And anything would probably work to replace that PC.
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Windows Server 2003

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