Server 2003 R2

Greetings Fellow Experts!

What are your thoughts on Server 2003 R2?  I'm at SP1 right now and am looking at going the next it necessary/worth it?  Pro's, Con's, Benefits?  if you have already taken the plunge please let me learn from your experience.  


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We've done an "upgrade" to R2 on all of our servers (mostly Dell PowerEdge)...  We've had no issues.

It was a no-brainer.... stick the CDROM in, answer a few questions and walk off.

Oddly enough, it's hard to tell the difference (other than the words "Release 2" in the screen saver).
Hi Jandakel2,

R2 isnt a servie pack it is a rerelease of server 2003 with enhancements

so far so good!

I have tested the "regular" server 2003 and R2 now in two seperate networks. Both domain controller, DHCP jadida, the usuall .. I THINK R2 runs a bit smoother .. Also I LOVE the integrated Unix tools ... You can download certain Unix tools seperatly, but this is just brilliant... So if you are in need of an NFS Admin or NIS, use R2 ..
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R2 is a *feature set* not a service pack.

It requires SP1 on the server before you can add it.

There are some things that R2 offers that you can decide if you need:

1)  Completely revamped DFS engine.
2)  Enterprise Print Management Console and Print services for Mac.
3)  Support for Unix.
4)  Identity Management (ADFS) and Indentity Management for Unix.
5)  Branch Office support.
6)  Some new Management and Monitoring Tools.
7)  Common Logfile System.
8)  Services for NFS.
9)  Sharepoint Services.

These are a rough idea of what you get.  There are a few more.

If you don't plan to use any new features, then there is no need to add this.


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Jandakel2Author Commented:
Can you ellaborate on the Enterprise Print Management Console?  Can you finally manage printers through AD, as far as assignments?  Please say yes

Centrally manage all your printers, driver and queues.  Deploy printers using Group Policy.


Woohoo! i wasnt aware of that! bring it on!
Jandakel2Author Commented:
So, let me get this straight....I can assign a default printer to a computer via group policy if I upgrade to R2?  I would buy it with my own money!!!

Yep.  It extends the Schema so that printers can be deployed similarly to software (with obvious differences!) and provides a nice console to manage it all.

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