SQL Server Report Server Setup / deploy report

I have SQL Server 2005 and VS 2005 on a Windows 2003 server.

I would like to be able to have users select reports from a web interface that I would provide and NOT have to login to the RS.  

I thought I could do this by setting anonymous security on the report folders, but to my surprise, I cannot see any report folders following deployment.

When I deploy, I specify a url of http://localhost/ReportServer and a folder of NewReport.

If I go into IIS manager, that folder does not exist, but yet I can run the report without a problem (of couse I have to login).

Is what I want to do (users run reports w/o logging in) possible and why isn't a folder created?

Thanks for any help you can give me.
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please go to RS Reports site:

for your case:


For access for others users:


where machine_name is the ip or computer name where is RS.
dspaceAuthor Commented:
That would take me to the report manager, which is what I don't want to do.  I want to invoke the reports via a url.
Keep using Windows Authentication.  Make sure your users have rights to the reports.  And add http://servername to their trusted sites in Internet Explorer.  This can be pushed out via group policy if you have a domain.  You could also take it a step further and give the default web site of your server a host header like reports.yourdomain.com, add an entry to your DNS server for it and add that name to your users trusted sites.


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There is two ways:
With the report Manager , You go to the specific report.
Take the url that appears in the address bar.
close IE

Oper IE
Call the report using this url.

Instance a Web Service of Reporting Service into a Web Reference in VB.NET
dspaceAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the suggestions, but all the answers are variations on simply running a report via a URL.  I can do this, but was hoping to be able to do it without having the user login upon invoking the report.  I can't try an alternate authentication scheme because we do not use the enterprise edition of SQL Server.  The report server is on the same box as IIS, so there is no problem with it being a trusted site.

In fact, I have pretty much given up on being able to do this and am trying to accomplish something much simpler.  Just letting the user login.

I have given the group "domain users" the browser role in report manage and even specified a single user with that role, but still get "permissions insufficient" when trying to run the report via a browser.  Does anyone have any suggestions here?

RS seems like a really nice product.  It's a shame I have to spend all my time trying to work around its security setup rather than actually creating reports - my rant for the day.

dspaceAuthor Commented:
It looks like the solution to my permissions problem is to assign permissions down to the specific report.  I thought it would be enough to assign permissions to the folder containing the report, but as soon as I went the next step, it finally worked.

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