OLE Class in Unbound object frame

Hello Expert,
Can you tell me the OLE class for mpeg and wmv files? is it "mpeg/video"? thanks Joel
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In fact, the object type is not document-related, but application related. I know this is stupid, but that is the basic choice made by M$: the program is more important than the data...

Basically, create a new blank form, choose "Insert / Object", choose an application that will allow this or choose "create from file" and see what type you inherit.

Good luck!

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JoelRidleyAuthor Commented:
Hello (°v°),
Interesting name..... Your soklution is correct it gave me the class info I needed.
Do you have an easy way to use a text field(full path of file) to link the OLE field to the mpg or wmv file. Embedding makes the database get extremely large where as a text link would be nothing Thanks Joel
Well, I would never store OLE objects in a database... Instead:

* store a "root path" in some options table or property, e.g. "C:\DOCS\"
* store relative paths for any objects, e.g. "demos\howtoeat.mpeg"
* manipulate an unbound object frame to display most of these inline (on the form)
* or use FollowHyperlink "<full path>" to launch the object externally

I often skip the first step by assuming that the database path is the root for linked documents. This makes it easy to move, archive, backup the whole thing.

I believe that the latest versions of Northwind.mdb have a demonstration of externally stored pictures. Of course, that is easier than videos (I have no experience with those).


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