DNS setup for 2 sites, 2 domains in same forest

I currently have mydomain.co.uk domain up and running on ServerA and has been for a few years at site A 10.10.10.*. I have now setup otherdomain.co.uk up as a new domain tree in my Active directory forest on ServerB at site B which is on a different subnet - 10.10.1.*

When I was testing this on the same subnet it seemed to replicate ok etc but now it's on a different subnet I'm struggling with my dns.

ping ServerB - cannnot see ServerB


ping ServerB.otherdomain.co.uk works..

Any help or pointers with how the DNS should be setup in this situation would be much appreciated.

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"On both DNS servers, create a secondary zone for the respective other domain (don't forget to allow zone transfer from the primary DNS server), then create the trust using the Active Directors Domains and Trusts console."
quote from oBdA

Trusts are the key here
Chris StauntonCommented:

How did you setup the DNS server?  Did you choose Active Directory Integrated or Primary?  Also do you have WINS on your network or have you disabled the NetBIOS over TCP/IP option in the nic's on your network?  Check the DNS Server mmc to see if you have any _svr records that point to this machine, you may need to do a net start netlogon on that machine to get it to build the svr records again for you.


Hi richkeegan,

this question from thisafternoon basically deals with the same thing

richkeeganAuthor Commented:
My DNS server on mydomain.co.uk is Active directory integrated. I have a WINS server on the Network mydomain.co.uk also.
I don't believe NETBIOS over tcp/ip is disabled.

Hi Jay_Jay - I can't access that link as I'm not a member currently unfortunately.. I don't use it enough.

I'm really just looking for a generic tutorial on linking 2 windows sites when they are both in seperate domains/subnets but in the same forest..? I think this would help me to sort this dns issue.
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