Allowing Clients Right Click.

When I set up our domain,  We locked our small network down.  People could not install programs or change system settings.  Control panel was removed etc...

Over time, those that be, have been forcing me to slowly give back certain rights.  I now have 3 users that have 100% admin rights, AND one of those is a pain in my ass.

NO, I am told they are all to be allowed to Right click once again. She wants the users to be able to pick a printer or stop a print job with the right click abilities.

SO.   What are the Pro's and Cons of giving this back?

Server is Windows 2003.
Server is also the PDC

All clients are Windows XP
System is a Domain Environment.

ALSO   where is the policy to turn right click on and off.....I have not had to mess with this for some time.
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Craig_200XConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I think allowing the users to manage THEIR own print jobs is fine, as long as they arnt print MANAGERs its ok.

you can find the settings in GPEDIT.msc - drill down under  (Im not sure if it is a GPO or not)

User Configuration\Windows Components\Windows Explorer\Remove Windows Explorers Default Context Menu

enable that property

doing this enables right clicking everywhere .. so they will be able to get to display properties, my computer properties, task bar, etc..unless its already locked down.

Hi mrchaos101,

right click on what? you mean that you have right click completely disabled? i didnt even know this was possible with GPO

I feel your pain.

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oh the reasoning behind allowing them is if jobs error out, they can remove/cancel them... otherwise there really isnt a reason to allow them that right.. someone else could be designated manager and control it.
simply there is no policy for stopiing or allowing right clicks
mrchaos101Author Commented:
Actualy  there is.

I have it turned off on my whole network.   Nobody can right click on the desktop or any icon.

But thanks.
awesome, what did you use to do it? was it a context menu policy?
its in gpedit.msc as I pointed out above...

actually above I was wrong saying enabling it will allow right click rather enabling that property removes the right click,, not configuring it restores the ability...
Mr Chaos, do I get the points for this? can we close it out?
As a rule local policy works as long as there is no global policy overwriting it.

Therefore my suggestion is as follows:
1. Set the local policy for the user in question.
2. Change his profile from a regular users profile to a manditory one. (The user.dat becomes
3. make sure the global policy for the right click option is set to "not defined"

See if this brings any joy...

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