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Navigating dialogs that are too big for the screen

I am using a Mac Mini on a older HDTV capable TV set.  It runs best at vertical resolutions of 480 pixels, and I found 960x480 to look pretty good on this TV.

The problem I am having stems from the fact that sometimes dialogs are just bigger than 480 pixels deep.  One example of such is when you run iTunes, the main part of the app scales nicely to fit the screen.  But then when I go to Preferences and the sharing panel, the panel is just too tall to fit on the screen.   Below the cutoff of the screen I can tell there is more and when I hit F9 Expose shows me the full window as a snapshopt, and I can see there are OK and cancel buttons down there I would need to press.  But I can't get to them!

I tried moving the window, but Windows does not let you get past the menu bar up top.  

I hoped the 'maximize' button on the dialog would scale it for the screen (come on quartz technology!), but alas there is none on this particular dialog, and on ones that there are that are too big for the screen, they seem to not do this either.

I tried command - which sometimes shrinks the fonts and controls on some forms but to no avail here.

It would be awesome if there was a product to make the desktop resolution bigger than the screen resolution so I could just scroll the desktop down to get to it, or even if there was just some way to scale a window down in these cases.  

Does anyone know of a way to do this?  I would greatly appreciate the help- I have only a few days to decide whether to bring this Mac Mini back to the Apple store (and pay the 10% restocking fee), but if I can't get this to run well on my TV, it won't serve it's purpose as the home theater PC I bought it for.

Thanks in advance!

1 Solution
Try setting your screen to a resolution large enough to see the whole dialogue box. Then grab the lower right hand corner of the dialogue box and re-size it. Then reset your resolution and see if your computer now remembers the new dialogue box size.
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