Secure lightweight OS for VMWARE Server Host

I'm looking for a recommendation.

I want start using VMWARE Server by shrinking an existing 2003 server and making it a Guest on same hardware, but I was wondering whether I should or shouldn't want to have 2003 as the Host.  We have the 2003 licenses.  But, the question is whether another free, *but secure*, OS might be better suited for the Host.  
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Hello imherson,

The Windows version of VMware is easier to work with, and more reliable (but only ever so slightly).  The Linux version of VMware, although more difficult to work with will allow you to run more virtual machines at the same time without starting to bog down.

Assuming you have plenty of RAM, if you don't need to run lots of virtual machines at the same time - it's easier to use Server 2003 as the host OS.  I don't believe that any one is more secure than the other as a host OS for VMware.

To get better performance from VMware, use a dual-core/hyperthreading CPU - or a dual CPU setup, stick in as much RAM as you can afford, and create the images on a seperate hard disk from the system.

Steve :)

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imhersonAuthor Commented:
>and create the images on a seperate hard disk from the system.

What do you mean by images?
Hi imherson,

I call it an image... perhaps a bad choice of word.  When you "create" the virtual machine, create it on a different hard disk to the system.

Steve :)
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free ? lightweight ? secure ? sounds like LINUX to me ....
imhersonAuthor Commented:
Steve, what's the reason for the separate disk? Performance?  Fragmentation (we're having this issue running VMWARE workstation machines on some test machines)
imhersonAuthor Commented:
If you are interested, I have posted another question:
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