AOL and undelivered form mail

O.k., I've spent enough time trying to figure out why my offices that use AOL continually have trouble receiving HTML forms sent to their auto-forwarded AOL accounts and do not go through.  Even worse, a message is sent back to the sender telling them there was a problem with delivery.  This same code works perfectly for offices that use the company POP3 email addresses and one using Gmail.  Is there something obvious I'm missing?

I'm hosted on a Windows server, using CDONTS as my form mail handler.
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off the top of my (point)head, I would say it's AOL.

What do the emails that are coming back state?
I'm guessing that it's the AOL spam filter that's catching the email, and, because it sniffs out HTML tags in the email, it flags it as spam.  Then, in an attempt to discourage the (potential) spammer from emailing the aol address again, it sends a response back to the sender saying that the mail couldn't be delivered.

Can you send a plain text email successfully to these AOL addresses?

Just my $0.02.

Phil / peh803

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gwr477Author Commented:
O.k., I will change the mail format to text for these offices.  Better yet, I may set a policy to disallow auto forwared addresses completely. They are kind of messy and hard to keep track of users that change their forwarded address.

Thanks for your $0.02
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