Configuring Cisco 1800/2800 Routers for MPLS

Good morning everyone,

I am hoping that I can find some documentation on configuring some Cisco 1800/2800 Routers to work with an MPLS. I am working with multiple sites, a main office running the 2800, and satellite offices running the 1800's. It will be handling VoIP and Data traffic, with each satellite office having 3-4 people.

So, can anyone point me to some documentation for this sort of thing? All I have found so far is documentation for setting up the MPLS cloud itself.

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MPLS really only does work "in the cloud"
For your local edge router it is nothing more than (typically) a frame-relay PVC connection and using BGP as the routing protocol..

It could be as simple as something like this:

//-- Interfaces config

interface FastEthernet 0/0
 ip address

interface Serial 0/0/0
 encap frame-relay ietf  <== "ietf" or not will be determined by provider

interface Serial 0/0/0.1
  ip address <== IP address for wan link provided by provider
  frame-relay interface-dlci 222   <== DLCI # determined by provider

//-- routing
router bgp 65002  <== your bgp AS# (private AS's used in MPLS)
 neighbor remote-as 65001 <== your provider's AS#
 network mask  <== network (LAN) you will advertise
 ip route   <== default may point to the cloud

//-- quality of service example
//-- acls define traffic. This is VOIP server traffic, yours could be by precedence bits..

access-list 112 permit ip host any
access-list 112 permit ip host any
class-map match-all HI
 match access-group 112
policy-map IPFRCOS
 class HI
  bandwidth remaining percent 60
  set ip dscp af31  
 class class-default
  bandwidth remaining percent 20
  set ip dscp default
! Apply the policy to the Egress interface
interface Serial 0/0/0.1
 max-reserved-bandwidth 100
 service-policy output IPFRCOS

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Chances are it WON'T be frame relay; HDLC or PPP would be likely.

And for a routing protocol, it can be RIPv2, OSPF, EIGRP, IS-IS, or BGP.  The provider might not support one or more, but they're all possible.
It all depends on the provider. I've worked with AT&T, MCI, BellSouth, and Verizon building MPLS networks and every one is a Frame connection if it's a T1, and every one required BGP. QoS with Diffserv was an option.
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