Remote Desktop revisited

I'm well aware of the popular article:

But, I'm looking for a way to Remote Desktop into a Win2K Pro system.  Please don't even mention VNC or GoToMyPC.  Also, please do not give a blanket statement saying "it will not work" without an authoritative reference and explanation to prove it (if convincing, this would be considered a solution).

My specific question is: how can I Terminal Services (not Web Connection) onto Windows 2000 Pro?  eg. can TS from Win2K or Win2K3 server be installed on Win2K Pro?  Is there a hack to make the WinXP terminal services installable on Win2K Pro?

I find it hard to believe that someone hasn't made this work, so I'd like to leave this topic open until a solution is found, or the topic has been discussed quite thoroughly.  Some interesting threads were just starting to develop on the old topic, which were seemingly quashed due to the thread being closed.  

Thanks in advance!
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Hi silentreproach,

let me assure you it is not possible to use remote desktop to get into a windows 2000 pro machine, this is documented and in no way hidden by microsoft

thus you only have the options of what already been mentioned. This is a simple case of "IT WILL NOT WORK" dont expect answers that dont exist. remote desktop was introduced with windows xp and later versions of windows. You cannot expect a solution for what is simply not possible

you may have heard references to this below, but it is a client to allow you to access a RDP connection FROM not TO

i agree  VNC is crap

remote admin is great

Symantec PCAnywhere is also an option but i dislike anything made by symantec

Rob WilliamsCommented:
As you are aware, afraid TS is not an option for 2000 pro, of course it is built into server 2000. Not suggesting it is not possible but I have looked for options for a long time and never found any. The basic underlying requirements do not exist in 2000. There are "hacks" available to increase the RDP capabilities of XP, but never found any for 2000. It would have to be a hack too, because any add on wouldn't be TS, right.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Sorry James, duplicating, I didn't refresh.
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Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationCommented:
You can use Netmeeting..

A guide toi help you
This will allow you to install Terminal Services on Win2K Pro:
- Google for and install NTSwitch (eg.
- Execute the NTSwitch Program and follow the instructions. It's advisable to backup your system first.
- You MUST install a Service Pack (may not work if you're already at SP4, but you can try reinstalling SP4), it apparently makes reg entries needed
- After Service Pack is installed you must REBOOT.
- When you go into "Add Remove Programs" and click on "Add/Remove Windows Components" you will get a series of errors - it will tell you what files that are missing.
These are the required files:
These files can be found on an existing W2KS/AS Server or from the CD.
Copy all .inf files to the Windows\Inf directory
Copy all .dll files to the System32\Setup directory
If this is done correctly then when you run the Add/Remove component it will list (2) Terminal Services options
You will need either a W2K Server or Advanced Server CD to do the actual install.  The files needed are located in compressed format in the CD's \I386 directory

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silentreproachAuthor Commented:
Thanks! This is what I'm looking for and it does seem to work.  At least, I was able to install terminal services on Win2K.  So far, haven't been able to connect to it though.  Will keep you posted.

Radmin looks interesting also - trying to figure out if it locks the workstation like Remote Desktop does (a key feature).
i doesnt, it acts like a windowing tool but allows you to lock keyboard and mouse on other end etc.....
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