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I want to move away from tapes and migrate over to disk to disk.  In my mind I would like to backup the entire network (every drive, every file on the servers and select pc's) once a week and do full backups of selected drives/files during the week for the servers.  Can anyone recommend a D2D vendor?
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We use Veritas for our data backup solution. http://www.veritas.com

Its called backup exec, it works wonderful for us, we do D2D backups onto a 4tb NAS and then backup exec auto-copies the backup files once it is completed to an offsite NAS (over our fiber network). I'm not sure what you are backing up, but we are at about 300gb, with differentials on weekdays and full backups on saturdays.
Nguyen Huu PhuocSenior ManagerCommented:
You can contact EMC http://www.emc.com. They are a big company work on providing backup and recovery solutions. You can consult them.
PioneermfgAuthor Commented:
Thank You
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