One user cannot access internet on 2003server with ISA

I have a strange problem, 10 of my user accounts join the domain and connect to the internet via the server. The server has ISA configured.

However there is only one user who fails to access the internet. It seems for some reason ISA server cannot authenticate that aprticular user. If I go on that user's workstation and use admin or another user when the ISA authentification window pops up, I can get on the internet.

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Go into the user account using the ISA server view, and you will see that some settings are not defaulting to the right values, like "allow remote connection" -- you will see a whole list of options in the ISA server screen, check the right ones, and reboot the ISA server, reboot the client, and you should be able to now make a new account, and when you do, make sure those "checked settings" took.
try to change the username and the password to something else and test. and then rename back and put the wanted password then log of the workstation and logon back and see if that solve it.
cvmanziraPresidentAuthor Commented:
tried and did not work. Looks like any new user added to the server is not able  authenticate on ISA.
You must check your Event Log on both Server>Client, It will tell you exactly why both are carrying along.
Every attempt will create a log entry, check the Event ID and find solution to it and will solve that way...

I you could post them would be great.
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