Remote Desktop Cannot Connect To Windows Server 2003 After Server Reboot

The RD won't connect after the server got rebooted.  We just updated the server with security updates from MS yesterday...

The Terminal server service is started.
I have checked the remote setting in my computer's property is checked.
My user name is in the allowed user list.
The listening port did not change.
No error log in system.

It just happened after reboot.  Anything I missed checking?

This happened before.  we managed to make the RD work by calling the on site support person to log into the server physically/directly and then the RD will work after the support person logged in.  BUT it didn't work this time.
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Hi henrychang99,

windows firewall isnt enabled is it? no ther firewalls etc installed

how is terminal services installed   admin or remote mode   do you have licensing set up

Reboot one more time.  I had this happen to me after some patching a while back.

If you still have problems let us know.

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brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
I did all the security updates from MS this week on some of my servers and didn't have any problems with RD...if that helps any.
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Security updates can sometime turn on the windows firewall. As Jay Jay said turn of the firewall and see if you can term into it
henrychang99Author Commented:
I did not install this server, so I don't know what mode the Terminal Service is in installed.  Is there a way to check it?  

The Terminal Server itself is not installed (checked from the control panel).

The windows firewall is not running.  (When I try to check from the control panel, a message says some other app may be using NAT translate or some sort...)

We are rebooting it again now.
henrychang99Author Commented:
The reboot worked.  We have no clue what went wrong with the first reboot.  

Thanks guys.
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Windows Server 2003

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