Redirecting URL Path to another host? is hosted and load blanced across 3 servers. However I want to point to a different host and website all together running different applications. What I'm doing now to acheive this is have port 80 and 443 load balanced across the 3 servers and have port 444 be the other host/site/application. So when users go to they are able to access the other site.

I want to replace with a friendly url like Is this possible using IIS 5.0/6.0?

Virtual Directories dont work because of the runtime code/dll's native to site1.

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Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:
Two ways:

1.Through ASP redirect script : Create a HTTP ASP redirect script and upload on domain
'' as Index.asp.It will redirect your http request to domain or folder  ' 1'.

2. Through IIS host header: The Host header of the domain will be create through IIS
In IIS there is option of redirect domain

Sample Script for redirect (make a index.asp file )

<%Response.Buffer = True %>
<%Response.Redirect ""%>

Another Way is round robin :

A>Enable Round robin the Advanced tab of Server Properties.
B>) Create at least two A records that will be round robin'd for each new query for said name.
[url][/url] A
[url][/url] A
[url][/url] A


stylinm3Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply.

I can put a redirect page to send requests to another domain but I would like to keep the same domain. Redirecting to another directory will cause it to stay on the same host (ip address) unless I specify a different port.

Host headers is a good idea, but it does not support directories. corresponds to an IP address/host. I want to correspond to another IP address/host. and are 2 completely different sites such as yahoo and google. I just want to comine them into one domain.

Similar to a layer 3 PAT or NAT, i want to do an address translation on layer 4.. is it possible?
Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:

Cn you try useing directories like full path of the domain .
Then you have to use the script which is tell you

<%Response.Buffer = True %>
<%Response.Redirect ""%>

In the script language this is possible.

Layer 4

NAT is possible on the Layer 3 so i think layer 4 does not support

See the following links
Good site

A layer 3 device to know about all the layer 4 checksums and to change then appropriately.  It doesn't work that way.  You need to use protocols that don't have higher-layer checksuns that depend on the layer 3 header, or stop asking the router to manipulate destination addresses. No.  and The router functionality should just forward packets without
looking at the layer 4 stuff.  
Filtering in UDP and TCP is very simple "look N bytes into the frame, dropit if you see XYZ".  There is no layer 4 understanding at all.  (Yes, site Manager provides cool macros with layer 4
terminology, so you can say "TCP Port" instead of "0 bits from the end of the Layer 3 header, 16 bits long", but the router code itself doesn't understand Layer 4.)
There is no way to do this natively in IIS and no real way to do it using DNS.

About the only way I can think of to get this functionality would be to use something like the Pro version of ISAPIRewrite ( and configure it to watch for requests to the /site1 URL and *proxy* them to the appropriate address.

Dave Dietz

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