PDF Embedding in Web without all the extra button


We are embedding a pdf  in a html it looks fine. But we dont want all the buttons displayed on there (except print and save).

Also, is there any way we can print from outside the pdf , the pdf .

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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You should do the opposite, as stated here


"Because users frequently close document windows, the best guidelines for linking to non-Web documents are:

1) Open non-Web documents in a new browser window.
2) Warn users in advance that a new window will appear.
3) Remove the browser chrome (such as the Back button) from the new window.
4) Best of all, prevent the browser from opening the document in the first place. Instead offer users the choice to save the file on their harddisk or to open it in its native application (Adobe Reader for PDF, PowerPoint for slides, etc.). Unfortunately, doing so requires a bit of technical trickery: you have to add an extra HTTP header to the transmission of the offending file. The header line to be added is "Content-disposition: Attachment". If possible, also add "; filename=somefile.pdf" at the end of this line, to give the browser an explicit filename if the user chooses to save the file. (I thank Sybren Stüvel for providing this code.)

All these guidelines stem from the same underlying phenomenon: the non-Web documents are native PC formats. These formats have their own applications, each of which gives users a set of commands and navigation options that are completely different than the ones for browsing websites. "


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