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hi all, have an issue with domain controller issuing licensing errors.  We have 5 Windows 2003 Servers set up as Terminal Servers, with 2 Windows 2000 Server boxes as the domain controllers.

i set up our Term 1 Windows 2003 Server as the Enterprise wide licensing server in user license mode, which is not monitored by Microsoft.  upon setting it up, i noticed the terminal services licensing panel now includes a line specifying "Existing Windows 2000 ServerTerminal Services CAL token (per device), Type - Builtin, Total - Unlimited, Available - Unlimited, Issued - 0.

i previously had one of our other windows 2000 servers set up as a separate licensing server for the windows 2000 boxes, but was still getting the errors on the domain controller.

error in the application log on the windows 2000 domain controller is this: The product Windows Server is out of licenses.  Use License Manager from the Administrative Tools folder for more information on which users are out of compliance and how many licenses should be purchased.

None of the Windows 2003 servers are issueing errors, and we only use the 2003 Server boxes for terminal services.  None of the Windows 2000 boxes are set up for terming in, except for administrators using remote access.

any help would be greatly appreciated.
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That's not the terminal services license server, that's the "normal" license logging service that monitors the usage of the server CALs. The LLS is by default not running on Server 2003, which is why you don't get these messages there.
You can disable it on on your W2k machines as well; check here for details:
Description of the License Logging Service in Windows Server Operating Systems
Note that you still need the appropriate number of server CALs to fulfill the EULA!
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