What would cause a printer to pick up multiple sheets of paper?

The one page will have the correct printing on it, the other will just be blank, sometimes it picks up 1 extra sheet, sometimes 2, and sometimes even 3.  What would cause this?
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If these sheets feed at the same time then your problem is definatly with the seperation rollers, on your printer there are 2 I believe, one on the paper tray and the other can be found above the paper tray but on the bottom of the printer, multi feed is usually caused by these rollers and they can be changed very easily and cheaply too.
The first question is what model of printer are you asking about.  Some printers use a 'separation pad' for this function and some printers use a 'separation roller',instead of the pad so the roller is bald and needs to be replaced. Need the exact model to help you on this.
serjoshAuthor Commented:
opps it is a HP laserjet 4350n
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Ok, lets start with the basics...

Take all the paper out of your tray and look at the paper stop at the 'rear' of the tray. It should be on 'letter'.. NOT 1 NOTCH OFF, look at the indicators (little arrows). (If it's too snug, the tray will want to grab more than one sheet.)

Look at the roller inside the front of your tray. Does it look bald? This roller rotates in 'reverse' to prevent the 2,3,4,etc sheets of paper from being pulled in with the top sheet. A good indication is.. what is your page count? If it's low, the roller is probably not the problem, if your count is 'high', look at the 'pages since last maintenance' section on your "configuration page". This is a good indication of the condition of your roller.

You also need to check your 'line count' on your document,  if a document has more than 66 lines, it thinks the remainder of the document is going to print on the 2nd page, even though you have nothing.

You also have the possibility of a 'banner' page that seperates the print jobs. (This is a network function.)

In the printer menu, scroll to the 'configuration' section. There is a spot that asks you to "supress blank sheets". Turn this to 'on'.  If you have trouble with the printer menu, press the menu button.. it should say 'information' then press the 'down' button, it should say 'menu map'. Print this and it will help you find the right spot for the "supress blank page"

...  good luck
it looks like there are no repair kits available, but you can talk here to a tech about your problem too :

Look at the paper tray. At the front edge there is a  silver metal tab at each corner. The paper must be under these tabs. If it is not, the printer will pick multiple sheets. I have seen bent tabs, misadjusted guides( side and/or rear) cause this problem. Of course the rollers could also be tha cause.
Parts break down can be found here.

Mithe the issue just be the paper?  Maybe moisture, stuck together or too rough.  Could try replacing the paper with a New pack and Fan the paper before it's put in the printer.

Hope this Helps!!!
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