Replacing old server 2000 with new server 2003


I'm replacing our older server with 2000 server on it, with a new 2003 server.  The new server is going to do everything exactly how the old server did.  The old server was the domain controller, file server, and print server.  FYI - We have another 2000 server with exchange 2000.

Does anyone have any good documentation to tell me how to replace this server with the new one, including transfering of FSMO rules and such?

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are you going to upgrade Exchange to Exchange 2003?  if so, here is some information:

1) Run adprep /forestprep from Windows Server 2003 CD on your Windows 2000 server that holds the Schema master FSMO role. (Of course you’ll need to be a member of Schema Admins).  Be sure to replicate the changes throughout the forest before proceeding.   (Or you could perform an inplace upgrade to Windows 2003 on your Windows 2000 server...this will upgrade the domain too)

2) Run adprep /domainprep from Windows Server 2003 CD on your Windows 2000 server. I ran it on the system holding the PDC Emulator FSMO role.  (Or you could perform an inplace upgrade to Windows 2003 on your windows 2000 server.... this will upgrade your domain too)

3) Add the new Windows 2003 server to the domain....verify that DNS on the TCP/IP settings of this machine is pointing to your internal Windows 2000 DC/DNS server.

4) Run DCPROMO on the Windows 2003 server

5) Goto start --> Control Panel --> Add / Remove programs --> Windows components...and add the DNS service.

6) Wait for replication to occur...  You will be able to go into the DNS Console on the new Windows 2003 server and see the forward lookup zone for you domain.  You  will want to wait for this to occur before going on to the next steps...

7) Transfer the FSMo roles to your new Windows 2003 server:  Heres how:

8) Make the new Windows 2003 server a Global Catalog server:

9) Remove the global catalog role from your old Windows 2000 server:

10) Point both you Windows 2000, Windows 2003 server, and all other servers to use the IP address of your new Windows 2003 server for DNS.  In other words, configure your entire environment to use the new Windows 2003 server IP address for DNS.

11)  Run DCPROMO on your Windows 2000 server to remove the DC role from this server.

12) remove the Windows 2000 server from the domain...and delete the computer account in AD users and computers.
Note:  If you have trouble with the demotion of the DC, you can use this document to correct the problem:

13) Install the DHCP service on your new Windows 2003 server and configure the scope...

14) Configure DNS forwarding on your new windows 2003 server.  Go into the DNS console, right click your server name, and choose properties from the drop down box.  Click the FORWARDER tab, and enter the ISP or your routers IP address here.  This will help forwarding DNS request to the internet.

15) In the DNS console on your Windows 2003 server, I would add a reverse lookup zone for your ip segements... this is optional

16) If you are using WINS, install the WINS service on your windows 2003 server (optional)

17) Run DCDIAG and NETDIAG on your DC and look for errors

Thats all I can think of ....

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nheffnerAuthor Commented:
The name of the original server is ntserver2.  If I make the new one ntserver3, after transfering everything over and demoting the 2000 server and promoting the 2003 server, will the fact the the new server is a differant name affect anything?


Yes.. the instructions I provided are great for the domain infrastructure pieces of your project.  However, you also mention that the old server is a file server and a print server.  You can keep this server running as a file server and a print server if you want (just don't remove the server from the domain)  Your users will still be able to use the old Windows 2000 server for pinting and file serving reasons.

But if you plan to move the printing and file service to the new windows 2003 server, the name change will effect your clients.


1) after you migrate the data and printers, rename the domain controller to the old name of the windows 2000 server.

2) re-map the printers for your client machines and remap your clients to point to the new windows 2003 server.
nheffnerAuthor Commented:
2003 server will let me rename it without any problems, even as DC?
NJComputerNetworksCommented:'s some documentation on the process:
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