How can I change the maximum size of a form?


I've got a Windows form and I need to set the height to greater than that of the screen height.

How can I do it? It restricts the height to that of the screen (plus an additional 12 pixels for some reason).
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Is there a reason that you are trying to do that? Are you trying to hide the borders?
saltedAuthor Commented:
No, I'm calling PrintWindow, but the control I'm printing (to an image) is greater than the size of the screen.
Ok, then I don't really know, sorry :$

I use printForm for doing this kind of operation and it is really useful.  I used for many projects now and it is money well spent if you want to buy a third party control.  If not I won't say there is no free solution because often there is but I don't know
hi salted, thats what clipping is for.
only showable objects are drawn to screen, thats how graphics work.
if you wanna print data, which is offscreen, you will have to do it by hand.
you will have to implement drawing routines for each type of control and its drawn objects.
then you could draw all to a graphics objects of an created bitmapobject, and spit that image to the settuped printdocument pagesettings height in its printpage event.
that event has an graphics handle to the printed site as event argument.

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