ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvi­der Schema Mappings Not Found

I am trying to enable password retrieval using the AD Membership
Provider with Windows Server 2003 as my AD machine.  I have followed
the examples out there and have been able to update the AD schema with
the 5 new attributes and add them to the User class.  However, when
trying to run the website I get errors that the following three
attributes are not part of the user class, but they really are.  I have
had this problem on 2 seperate machines.  The strange thing is that it
does not give me the error on the other 2 attributes that I have added
(passwordQuestion and passwordAnswer).


I read somewhere that the ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider hard-codes
the schema, which would make it pretty much useless to anyone not using
the standard schema.  I cannot believe this though because the example
from MSDN on configuring password retrieval instructs you to add
attributes and then reference them in the web.config file, so I don't
really buy this explanation of the problem.

Can anyone help me to shed some light on this issue, it is driving me

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jfkruegerAuthor Commented:
Well I figured this one out.  It appears that Visual Studio 2005 is caching the Schema.  It looks like that when VS 2005 starts up and you load a project with something in your web.config file that maps attributes to the schema, the schema is loaded into memory.  If you make any changes to the schema, you have to close your project (or possibly shut down VS 2005) and re-start.  You will then be able to have access to the attributes.
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