Expand SCSI drives

I have an IBM 226 server with an IBM ServeRAID 6M card on a server running Windows 2003 Standard.
The data drive is a 3 disk raid 5 configuration.  I need to expand size.  Is it possible to add disks to the array dynamically - the server does have hot swap compability - and expand them on the fly?  Would the operating system support this if they the disk is set to dynamic in the operating system?  
I would like to not follow the basic backup - rebuild - restore proceedure if at all possible.
Thanks - Wayne
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Hot swap and adding drives dynamically  to an array are  two different things.

Hot swap basically means you can add and or remove disk drives on the fly.  It does not necessary mean you can add drives to an exsting array.  If you had a RAID 5 array, you could replace a failed drive on the fly, but not necessary add a new drive to an exsting arrary.

The 226 comes with up to 6 Hot Swap bays.  So you can add a new drive to the box.  Now the IBM ServerRAID 6M card seems to support "logical drive migration".  You may want to check the doc on the card for that.  It seems to imply that you can add a drive to a RAID 5 array and increase the size of the array on the fly without loosing the data or even having to re-boot the OS.

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