Error Event ID 39

I have had multiple problems with users calling in saying there is considerable lag in Citrix Metaframe XP FR3 SP4, this is running on Windows 2003 Server SP1.  I looked in the event log of the Server and found that I am getting this error multiple times a day:
Source: Cdm
Event ID: 39
Type: Error
Description:  The CDM redirector has timed out a request to Session *.

Has anyone bumped into this issue with Citrix and found out how to stop it?  I know our bandwidth is ok and have verified our firewall setting with Fortigate. Thanks.
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
This event indicates a CDM - Redirector problem. The following is a series of troubleshooting steps that can be taken in order to assist in resolving this issue:
First, find out what client device type is causing the issue (Client com port, Drive, LPT port, etc)
1. Disable all client device mappings in Citrix Connection Configuration for the ICA Listener that you connect with.
2. Logon from the client with the suspect device.
3. If you were able to logon, and no events in the Events Viewer appeared associated with CDM, re-enable one client device type at a time in Citrix Connection Configuration.
4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until the device type is found.

Next, Within the session, at the command prompt, type:

This command creates a text file where you can see the mapping for LPT1 and LPT2. During troubleshooting, ensure the following: The port has been mapped using the CDM redirector. This is the Citrix redirector for mapping client devices. If instead of the CDM redirector you see the LanMan redirector, it indicates that the port on the server is being mapped to another port on the server network (using Microsoft networking). In the mapping for the client device: LPTx:\yy\LPTz: LPTx is the port name at the server side, /yy/ is the session ID, and LPTz is the port on the client site, where LPTx is pointing to.

Finally, try the following if you still are having issues:
Increase the settings for the following:
RequestTimeout: Default is 60 (in seconds)
DirCacheTimeout Default is 30 seconds
CacheTimeout Default is 60 seconds

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j0s3phAuthor Commented:
This is good information.  I have seen this suggestion on  Has anyone tried this and have any values to report?  This error that I reported definitely makes all Citrix users have a temporary unresponsiveness or lag for a couple minutes.  I know Citrix has had a problem with their new CDM.sys file in rollup 2.  I have the older more stable CDM.sys that Citrix recommended and I still get the error.  I wonder if editing the registry will just make the error log go away, or the error not showing up will stop that period of lag that follows the error.
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