Element MAINDSN is undefined in REQUEST.

Hi- I am stymied, I'm trying to do a very simple thing, but I must be making a basic error somewhere. I have a page, http://dev.mywebsite.com/customers/index.cfm?fuseaction=newsletter  to allow customers to sign up for our newsletter. I want the form to enter their name and email in a table called newsletter. The form action="act_newsletter.cfm".

In act_newsletter.cfm, I have this simple code (trying to make it as simple as possible):
<cfquery datasource="#request.maindsn#" name ="insertemail">
INSERT INTO newsletter (name, email_address)
values (
#form.name#, #form.email#
Thanks! You have been added to the mailing list!

 And I get the error, Element MAINDSN is undefined in REQUEST. I don't understand, for two reasons:

1. Another, much more complex form, http://dev.mywebsite.com//customers/index.cfm?fuseaction=newuser, which goes to act_add_member,
 has this code, and it works:

<CFQUERY DATASOURCE="#request.maindsn#" NAME="insert">
                        INSERT INTO users
                              <CFIF #isdefined("no_email")#>
                        SELECT @@IDENTITY AS 'id'

and 2. App_local in this folder points to app_global, which points to app_server, which says, in part:

<cfset request.maindsn="mymagic">

 Could someone kindly help me out with this? Thanks so much!
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Since the problem is that the request.maindsn variable is undefined for your page, you need to track it down.
To prove to yourself that that is really the problem try defining reqest.maindsn at the top of your action file.
That should kill the problem and show that this error message is pointing directly to the real error.
Perhaps there is a problem getting through the chain from App_local to app_global to app_server.
Hope it helps...

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Request variables don't pass from page to page, they only survive for the current page.


If you want something to survive, like a DSN.

Use the application or session scope.

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I just posted a comment in your previous question that answers this, take a look and if it doesn't answer your question let me know.
since you are using fusebox... request variables actually do persist

you need to add a

<cfset request.maindsn = "somedsn">

in your fbx_settings.cfm file

when any file in the framework is called fusebox parses the fbx_settings file and the request variable is set.
mel150Author Commented:
thanks to  all of you! Now I have a different issue, but the database is being called. If I can't solve this one, I'll open another question.
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