PC to VCR recording - sound but no video

I am recording (or trying to record) from my PC on to a VCR. When I play the VCR tape back the sound is OK but I am not getting any picture – just a black screen. I have tried WIN-DVD7, WMP 10 and Creative Media Player to play the video files on my PC, all with the same result. When recording to the VCR, if I put the relevant video player in ‘restore down’ mode (i.e so that some of the desktop also appears on the monitor screen) the VCR does record my PC desktop together with the video player’s skin (and my cursor movements if I move the mouse around), but still a black video player screen! Can anyone suggest why this is and what I can do to remedy it? I am not playing copyright restricted material; I'm running XP Home and have a Radeon 9200SE video card.
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Wooky JackCommented:
Are you using a TV in between the two to verify you have a picture since you know the sound works.  How do you have the setup connected?

It sounds like the audio is connected right but do you have an Svideo out from the computer to the vcr as well?
grandsire02Author Commented:
I do not have a TV between the PC and the VCR. The connection on the PC side is from the composite output socket on the video card and stereo output socket on the audio card via an adaptor lead  with SCART 'in' plug to the VCR. Also FYI the ATI video card is set to 'clone' for the TV secondary output (I was told that was necessary). I should also mention that this setup was working (ie recording) earlier but for some reason  has now stopped doing so. It looks as if I may have inadvertantly altered one of the settings, though I can't think what!

Wooky JackCommented:
If things worked for you before I recommend re-installing your ATI software and starting completely over to brand new and give it a try.  If it worked before, and you adjusted something that you don't know how to fix that might be the quickest way to trouble shoot the problem and then have a successful transistion of video and audio to your VCR.

Good luck and let me know if I may help with anything else!
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Some settings to check for:

right click desktop/choose properties /Settings tab/ Advanced button/

--ATI Displays tab/
........check that the TV display is enabled / click Apply

--Clone Mode Settings tab/
...make sure it is NOT set to standard, choose either 'Theater Mode' or 'Same on All'
Sorry, the Clone Mode Settings are not a tab, but are found in the 'ATI Overlay' tab (right click desktop/choose properties /Settings tab/ Advanced button/). This will clone the video overlay necessary to view video on both displays, when selecting 'Theater' or 'Same on All' settings.

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grandsire02Author Commented:
Solved it! Thank you very much maramon.
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