Conditional formatting in a datasheet - >3 conditions

I've been using my app for several months, happily applying conditional formatting to a column in a datasheet: 3 conditions and a default (no format).

I now have a new condition. :(  I've been poking around looking for code to accomodate the additional condition, or more - for growth.  No luck so far.

Is it possible to work around the 3-condition limitation in Access?  Any examples?


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Hi markp99,
No, its not possible in a continuous form or datasheet.


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I'm told it will be included in A2009 when it is released in 2012;-)
Yes, it is. Take a look at:, Report Form Tricks, More Than 4 Conditional Formats
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markp99Author Commented:

I took a look.  It's a bit kludgy for my applicaiton, and actually did not seem to work properly on my machine here at work.  

Thanks for the link, there were a couple other interesting tid bits there.

markp99Author Commented:
Dang it!

I'm more than slightly bummed I cannot provide the needed formatting to my users.  Now I need to think a bit harder to modify the use model and review/validation process in my app which was facilitated by conditional formatting.

Oh well, time to do some 'splaining to my boss!
You cannot have more than 3(+default) conditions operating at any time.
It is possible to programmatically change the 3 conditions as you move from record to record but there will still be only 3 current conditions and they will apply to all visible records.
Therefore for a single-form view it is possible to create the illusion of more than 3 conditions by changing the rules as you move from record to record.
But for a continuous form or a datasheet, whatever 3(or 4 with the default) rules are in force for the current record will be applied to all other visible records.


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