Using Languard and VBscript

I am using languard to run a vbscript that will temporarily map a drive and then remove the mapped drive.  When I run the script locally, it runs without a hitch.  When I push the script to another machine, I get a "800700005 Access denied error".  The error occurrs on the line where the MapNetworkDrive method exists.  My script is below.  I've tried using different credentials, but it doesn't matter. I get the same results.  Any help would be appreciated.

Dim WSHNetwork

Set WSHNetwork = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Network")

WSHNetwork.MapNetworkDrive "G:", "\\ima4\netlogon\manualupdates"

Const OverwriteExisting = TRUE

Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
FSO.CopyFile "g:\scx2kpx.xslt" , "C:\STRATA\VIEW32\Users\NS000000\scx2kpx.xslt", OverwriteExisting

WSHNetwork.RemoveNetworkDrive "G:"
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does net use work for you?
InsightMediaAuthor Commented:
Well, yes & no.  The batch file would be much less complicated, I admit.

I originally created a batch file thtat contained "net use g: \\ima4\netlogon\manualupdates" (which operated seemlessly), but I ran into a snag using the xcopy command.  I want the script/batch file to execute w/no interaction from the users.

The xcopy command prompts to "create file or directory" & prompts overwrite protection.  I know that both of these are supposed to have the ability to be disabled with /I and /Y respectively, but the "/I" doesn't seem to work.  I even tried "Echo /I|xcopy" with no luck.  That issue prompted to switch to a scripting method, which works flawlessly when excuted at the desktop but not when being pushed to the desktop.

Any tips here?  Am I making this too complicated?  Am I overlooking something here?  I am getting down to the wire & need to push this out.

if net use works for you use it

i.e from vbscript

Dim wshShell, objEnvironment
Set wshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Set objEnvironment = wshShell.Environment("System")
wshShell.Run objEnvironment.Item("COMSPEC") & " /c net use g: \\ima4\netlogon\manualupdates",, true

Const OverwriteExisting = TRUE

Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
FSO.CopyFile "g:\scx2kpx.xslt" , "C:\STRATA\VIEW32\Users\NS000000\scx2kpx.xslt", OverwriteExisting

Set objEnvironment = Nothing
Set wshShell = Nothing

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InsightMediaAuthor Commented:
I didn't know about "COMPSPEC".  I had to add credentials to the net use command & deleted the drive after copying the file.  After that, it worked great!  Thanks for your help!!
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