How to add second web server

I currently have a web server running in IIS. I want to install a second web server, which will be running Apache. I know nothing about Apache and will be using Xampp to install it along with MySql so that I can host my blog using WordPress.

Anyhoo, thinking through this, how will I be able to support two web servers? The IIS server is currently hosting about 4 domains. I plan to move one off and onto the Apache web server. How will I support this? If it's possible.

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It is possible, if you add a second IP address to the network adapter, then configure IIS to only listen to one IP (IN ALL WEBSITES), and Apache to listen to another one. Otherwise they would both by default try to listen on all IPs on port 80 and this would cause a conflict (there may be only 1 listener on a single port on 1 IP). Except this, there should be no other problems.

If you can't get a second IP, you still can do it by moving IIS to listen on port 81 (or any other arbitrary port), set up Apache to listen to port 80 and proxy the requests to those 4 sites still on IIS to itself:81. Unfortunately, you can't really do it in reverse (set up IIS to proxy to Apache).

Moving sites between the two really depends on what these sites are. If they are plain HTML (i.e. no ASP/etc.), you have no problem. If they are something else it depends.
wordpress can run under windows iis. you don't have to install apache, but if you can get a 2nd ip address it'd probably be easier (especially if you've used apache before).

if you can't get a 2nd ip address and want apache, then you'll have to set the "listen" port in apache to something other than 80 (such as 81). your wordpress blog would then be accessible at  you'll probably want to put apache on the odd-ball port instead of iis, as to not mess up the existing hosted sites. note i have encountered some difficulty at times in getting non standard ports working with other cms packages. i haven't tried it with wordpress though.

if your existing sites are not using proprietary microsoft junk that won't work in apache, you could move the existing sites to apache and shut down iis web server; freeing up port 80 for apache and running everything through it instead.

php & wordpress in iis:

php in iis. not too difficult. the prebuilt windows binaries will do the trick. has some instructions on installing php in iis and this walkthrough at macromedia might just be enough to get you going

mysql isn't tough either. again, prebuilt binaries will work. make sure it's started at boot up.'s forums have numerous threads for help with wordpress in iis. there are a few adjustments you'll have to make to get things running smoothly...

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ThirtAuthor Commented:
Good info, thanks. It took me a second to understand the second IP. You mean obtain a second external IP from my ISP? I'll need to check my options there. I like the idea to setup a listen port in the meantime just to play with Apache/PHP and learn how to tweak WordPress. Once I like how it's working, or not, I can get the second IP or move it over on my poor little IIS box.

Thanks again!!!
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