HP officejet v40 going in circles

I'm trying to install this printer on an older p2 win98 machine.
I uninstall and went through installation a lot of times with the original disk. I downloaded a driver from hp but it wouldn't run.
After installing software when I turn unit on it wants files I can't find.
Well I hunted the files down on the internet and the printer got installed but it won't print.

So it wasn't a good installation.

I'm ready to give up.

Any thoughts of what to do now?

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tacman7Author Commented:
I followed the proceedure as outlined by the setup poster which I downloaded.
I forced an uninstall from the uninstall folder on the original disk that came with the printer.
I did this because setup would not run it said a previous version was installed. (nothing is in printer though)
So I unplug the printer and reboot.
Then I run setup and it installs and then a message says click next and follow the instructions on the setup poster. The poster says plug in the usb cable then plug in the power to the printer.
I've did this both with and without a reboot.
The poster says after the printer is turned on I will get a fax software configuration setup.
After the printer is turned on  windows starts asking for files that are not on the c:\ drive or the installation cd.
I've tried searching the internet and finding all these files that windows is asking for. It made it through the printer installation but the file that was supposed to do the fax crashed.
The printer shows up in printers but you get an script error when you try and print something.

This is win98 first edition. I'm thinking something is wrong with windows because the file I downloaded actied like it was going to run (cursor turns to hourglass) then nothing, ctr+alt+del shows it not running.
The same file runs on other computers.

This computer belongs to a friend, if it was mine I would dump the hard drive and do a fresh install.
He doesn't want to lose the software on it that he no longer has access to, etc.

Any help appreciated,
i think, the files it is asking for are files from the windows cd.
Could you post the name of 1 of those files (or all if there aren't too much?)
If you have room enough on that disk, i would copy the win98 folder from the cd to the disk, then you do not need the win98 cd  ever again. You can then point the install to this folder with the button browse to
tacman7Author Commented:
windows says insert the HP disk then it can't find the files it's looking for.
hpocon09.exe was one. They are similar to that. I found them here:
Those files and another hp zip file got me all the files windows was wanting.
But that didn't get the printer working.
The installation never really finishes because after the printer is plugged in and windows does it's thing then the installation is supposed to continue but it doesn't.

It looks like to me it's wanting files that are not for this printer.

This computer had this printer hooked up to it working fine for a long time.

The owner did some windows updates (or something) and messed up the computer.

The video card and printer became uninstalled. I managed to get the video driver from HP (this is a HP computer also), no small feat.

I have a full version disk of win09SE. Can it install over version 1 and leave programs installed or do I need the upgrade version?
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first run the printer driver deleter from Kyocera, then install the driver
 find here your drivers :

tacman7Author Commented:
I basically gave up on the computer when it was unable to install any of the downloaded programs that are self extracting exe's .

Some kind of protection was probably running.

The guy contacted HP and paid $20 for them to send him an updated installation CD.

He had the original. Anyway the new disk got the thing working.

tacman7Author Commented:
I was thinking about asking to have the question deleted because I'm low on points. They don't seem to be giving me points any more. They used to give me so much a month.

Would that be a problem?

Closed, 125 points refunded.
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