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I have a client that wants his web site to come up at the top of all search engines with his meta tags.
Who should I use to make this happen?
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Hi rick,

No website can come at top on search engines ONLY with meta tags.

You have to follow proper seo guidelines and go through website promotion to make that happen.



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Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
Sometimes following solution might help for you.


BR Dushan
Bernard S.CTOCommented:
Be careful, you need to communicate and educate your customer, so that his/her expectations are set up correctly.
Except for special cases, there is no way you can guarantee top placement in some weks just by metatags: does you customer expects their competitor no to do similar things?
So the difference will have to come from CONTENT.
You can do your best, and you might need to PROVE it to your customer, but no great result will be reached is there is not a good content.
If your customer does not understand that, you should consider dropping this client ASAP: there is a high risk that they will not be satisfied with whichever results you might reach, and you would not be PAID. If not paid, better not work!
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meta tags mean little in todays search engine marketing world. Give us the website domain so that we can make suggestions like having keywords in the title, <h1>, and <h2> tags as well as a link building campaign (one way link from other sites to yours with what's called appropriate anchor text).

Here is an excellent read to learn more:

www.seo-blog.com   (excellent)

The above link is run by a professional SEO.

Feel free to follow up with questions, there's a lot to learn if you are going to do this right. Also, let us know what keywords you are going for.

Good Luck,

rickparyAuthor Commented:
Wholly Mackeral!
Are there businesses that can be hired to do this?
rickparyAuthor Commented:
the domain is www.animalneurology.com

Let me know what you want to do and we can proceed to aquire it for you. Your choices:

1) Hire an SEO or SEO company to raise your rankings in Google, Yahoo, and MSN (plus the others) which starts at $1000 a month and I can refer you (www.sitetutor.com or email Michael Duz at michaelduz@gmails.com, a very good professional SEO) If Michael's too busy he can refer you to one of the best that has an open squedule. This option usually starts at $1000 a month.

2) Go for www.sitetutor's consulting plan. For $150 a month they will teach you everything they know and you can do the SEO yourself. This option takes a lot of time and effort because of the need to do the link building yourself - emailing and calling dozens and dozens of people each month to get links from their sites to yours. This option is for if you have lots of time.

3)Ask questions here. The people here (although not all of us) know as much as www.sitetutor.com. We will teach you everything. You should know that it usually takes 6 months to a year to get results unless you carefully purchase some incoming links to start out with. Let me know if you need more info on that. Also, www.seo-blog.com is a huge resource for this option.

4)Skip SEO and just go for a Price Per Click campaign. This option starts immediately and includes Google Adwords, which places ads to the top and right of the Google search engine. It's where I get a lot of business. Google Adword's phone number, which is hard to find, is 866-246-6453. They are wonderful. Give them a call. There's also Yahoo's Overture.

Let me know how much time, effort, and money you have and which option you want to go with. No matter what you do, I recommend you check out option 4. You've stepped into an area which has become an art form. I hope I can be helpful to you.

rickparyAuthor Commented:
Wow, $1,000 per month?
I guess its considered advertizing huh?
I will discuss this with the good doctor :)

Price per click?
Price Per Click:

Let's take Google Adwords, for example, the life and blood of my business. It is good if what you're selling is expensive. If you type in, for example "animal medicine" into Google you'll notice results that have a blue background on top and also results (ads) to the right of the main search engine page results. These are paid ads, pay per click, where you pay if someone clicks on an ad and comes to your site. Maybe you pay 25 cents per click and you are on page 2, for example. If you optimize in Adwords for high-traffic terms you will get some resulting income. A good rule of thumb is 100 clicks per 1 conversion (where you actually get paid). It is usually only good for relatively expensive items.

You can tell how many times a term was typed into the search engines last month using this tool:
Sometimes it gives an error, just try the search again.

Adwords.com and even overture.com are worth looking into. Again, adword's phone number is 866-246-6453.

Also, $1000/month will get you started with SEO, but I would recommend paying more.

Let me know what else you need to know.

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