Red hat Linux 9 - deleting a user

I am very new to Linux - actually brand new and my first need to access a system is to remove a user. I have done some research and understand the basic commands etc. but I am not finding one to actually delete a user account. Can someone tell me how to do this. Thanks.
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Its pretty simple ..
1)go in to root account
2)open the terminal
3)type "adduser username" or try "useradd username"
4)passwd username (for giving the password to a specified user)

5) for deleting a user
   userdel -r username

Now logout from the root account and login with useraccount

ainselybAuthor Commented:
r u able to delete the useraccount ??...If you still need more information , you can always use red hat manuals .Once you open the web page ,you'll be conneted to redhat webpage and you can search for the required manual..try this to add a user graphically
Greetings ainselyb,
Use the following command to Delete a User :-

#userdel -r username

Commands details :-

userdel [option] user

System administration command. Delete all entries for user in system account files.

    Remove the home directory of user and any files contained in it.

If you are new to linux go through below sites for help

All Linux Commands Explained :-

Linux Books :-
you must have proper previlege to delete a user.
root is administrator of the machine and can perform any operation without restrictions.
when you log on using root login, your prompt will be a Hash    #

If by machine enters in Graphical mode you can go to command mode to run above command by pressing Alt + Ctrl + F2

there are 12 consloes possible in linux from Alt + Ctrl + F1 to F12
By default some of them are disabled.

Hope this help
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