Post - System restore, how to install a driver..

Let's say I've got a Win2003 server installation -- the original hardware was destroyed in a fire.

It was a stand-alone install.  No other DC's, GC's or anything exist (SBS).

I've got a full backup, including the system state.

I want to install it on different hardware, but the disk sub-system has different drivers.  

I re-install the O/S on the new hardware from original install media, then restore the System State into it.  Now it won't boot, because the drivers are gone.

How can I install the correct drivers back into this non-bootable installation..?

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Now, do an inplace upgrade - provide the drivers for the disk controller using F6.

Hi scdavis,

this is where the windows repair install becomes useful - boot off the cd and instead of choosing the format and clean install option you choose to repair whats already there, it replaces all drivers without losing your data


should have refreshed! cheers netman :)
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scdavisAuthor Commented:

I've been poking at this thing for like 4 hours.  

I can't find any way to get my install media to do a "repair" installation.  

I'm using SBS, Open License, 2003 media.  


Hi amohat,

heres the xp doco - same process - unless theres a different factor with SBS that im not aware of

scdavisAuthor Commented:

Focus, please.  There's no amohat in this thread.

Additionally, there appears to be no "repair" option for SBS.

First options are :

1)  Setup Windows (a new installation, no question asked, trust me -- I've worked through this menu tree..)
2)  Run Recovery Console.

So, either I can't install drivers to migrate the thing to a new hardware platform, or there's some way to do it with the recovery console.. that I don't know about.  

Anyone know anything about recovery console..?

sorry mate i posted the original answer in the wron Q then copied it back over

scdavisAuthor Commented:

817616 How to Add OEM Mass Storage Drivers to the Windows Recovery

That, apparently, used to exist.  Where in the heck has it gone?

Has MS removed all support for this..?  How in the hell are we supposed to restore to non-identical hardware if we can't install storage drivers somehow?!

Really Frustrated now,
-- Scott.
Have you seen this one yet?

How to perform a disaster recovery restoration of Active Directory on a computer with a different hardware configuration
scdavisAuthor Commented:

Just got back from a walk in the park.

Okay -- Two things:

1)  Restored from online backup Priv and Pub into clean E2k3 install.  Logs won't restore.  Neither will mount, haven't had time to look at this yet..

2)  re: KB 263532 -- I have seen it.  For my scenario, it suggests a repair or upgrade install.  These options don't appear to be available from my (OEM?) -- Open License SBS2k3 media.  I dunno why that is..  but that's what I've got.

I'm kinda off the project for today.  Will look at it some more tomorrow.

1) Exchange stores will not mount if the transaction logs are not in place. But an online backup will always create a consistent database backup, so the transaction logs can be safely removed. Move all transaction logs and checkpoint files (so you only keep the 4 database files) and run ESEUTIL /P on the public and private databases. Ignore the warning. That will 'disconnect' the log files from the storage group. Then the databases should mount fine and new transaction logs are created.

2) Just to get things straight: you are using F6 when SBS setup starts, to provide the drivers for the storage controller? If it can't find the drives, then it can't find a current installation, then it can't offer you to repair the installation.

Though I don't think it'll help you, the instructions for adding OEM storage controllers to recovery console are mirrored at

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Windows Server 2003

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