Rename an Outlook mailbox resource

I have an Outlook mailbox set up as a resource (meeting room) that is currently being used in production.  I would like to rename the mailbox but I'm not sure what affect that will have on anyone that has previously booked the resource.  I'm guessing Exchange just cares about the GUID, so renaming it shouldn't have any affect, but I just want to make sure. For example, will the mailbox name change automatically in everyone's calendar that has booked the resource?
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If you simply rename the resource like you would rename someone who has changed their name (newlywed woman for example), then everything else will follow. Simply find the resource in ADUC and right click on it. Choose Rename and enter the new name. Press enter and another box will popup. Change those details.

The only time it will break existing items is if you change the alias of the item as well.

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