Synchronizing files between data partitions across 3 sites

I need a file synchronization to take place whenever a file change in my data partition occurs in any of 3 different sites, all running Win XP Pro and tied together where the master file system is in the home office and the two slave systems are each accessible via FTP.  Thus, if master sees a file system change, it makes sequential connection and auto synchronization to each of the satellite offices.  When a satellite office sees a change, it makes a single connection back to the home office.  In trun, home office would then push out to the other satellite office.

Right now I use SyncBackSE running on each machin in a round robin to achieve this.  But I am sure there must be a mirroring solution somewhere.  

I am not concerned about one file being simultaneously changed at two sites since people all check in work in different areas.  But they all want to read files that are uptodate (within reasonable time)
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SyncBack is on par with a whole suite of other products with similar functions, some more BU oriented, some more file sync oriented.  Here are some others to look into -
Vice versa -
Allways sync -
smart sync -

There are dozens more, ask if you want more links, it is worth comparing the features, see what is best.
Technologically it's better to use WAFS ( ). It works differently then you have just described.
Suppose you have Cetnral, OfficeA and OfficeB having common file FILE.
At very first time FILE has the same version 1 in  all three locactions.
When OfficeA modifies file, it keeps new version locally under version 2. No transfer initiated until someone in OfficeA or Central will ask for that file. Next step in WAFS is version comparison. If your local site see someone with greater version, it will pull that version, updates local FILE and brings it to you.
I know  Expands (it's a hardware, may be used for  WAFS (also they will accelerate taffic on slow links). I don't know WinXP implementation of that technology, but it's really interesting and fit your needs.
Rsync  or Novell iFolder.
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I have to agree with pgm554, RSync looks very ideal for this application, including the unix module.  Any luck with this program syncronizing windows open OS files, pgm554, such as registry etc?  can you exclude those and others from sync-ing, and can you include them in another instance, if you want?
Mobilize is a great sync-software made by Signiant. Could be pricey thou.
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