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Network printer not seen when I connect via wireless

I am setting up a basic network (for printing only).  I have 3 laptops connecting via RJ45 to a Brother MFC 9420cn printer.  I am using a Netgear MIMO router.  The printer works fine when the laptops are physically connected via the RJ45.  But, if I  conntect via wireless, the printer doesn't work.

The wireless is set up with WEP encryption and all keys have been double checked.  I have no trouble connecting to the internet but cannot send a print job.  I receive a connection error.

Any thoughts?
3 Solutions
Go into your wireless interface properties configuration and install the IPX/SPX/Netbios complatible protocol, and try again...

If not sure on how to go into network connections in  My network places and there you should see Local Area conection and Wireless connections.. right click the interface and hit properties... you'll see a list and the install button, click install and select protocol, there you'll see above mentioned protocol.

Still dont work?.. post back and will update answer.
Some wireless routers allow you to segregate the wired and wireless networks by using different subnets, ensure this facility is turned off.
franco2Author Commented:
Will try all suggestions and get back.  But how do I tell if the wireless router has a different subnet?  Netgrear router.
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>>  But how do I tell if the wireless router has a different subnet?  Netgrear router.

It will be an option, probably worded something like "seperate wireless network from wired network"

Other way is to run ipconfig while connected by wired, and when connected by wireless, if they both have an IP address that starts with the same three Octets, eg 192.168.1. then you should be able to get to the printer.
Can you ping the printer from the wireless?
franco2Author Commented:

Well, tried many things and basically reset the router, uninstalled the printer and started fresh.

All seems fine.

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