What is the best antivirus-package 2006

Ive just build my own pc and now Im looking for the best antivirus-package 2006.(Within 24 hours)
Ive heard that Norton is the best,but unfortunatly it takes up a lot of the system resources and therfore slows down the machine.
Apart from Norton Ive also read reviews of Panda Platinum 2006 and PC-cillin Internet Security 14 2006 but with very different outcomes among the several
magazines that reviewed them.
Hope that you can tell me about the best packages this year,and explain to me why.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
This is my "canned" response, but I believe it addresses your questions.

When it comes to antivirus software, I believe you should not go cheap (aka free).  Free products ARE better than nothing, but commercial products, in my opinion, have better chances of success and better chances of catching newer viruses.

Which would you rather, go to a doctor with 6 months experience or go to a doctor with 25 years of experience?  I want the experience so my chances of being misdiagnosed are far less.  

For business, I recommend McAfee.  For enterprise environment, McAfee Enterprise Edition is a great product that is highly manageable and easily installed.  McAfee has been making quality antivirus software for at least 20 years - they generally know what they are doing.  I've used them in a large environment before with almost ZERO conflict with any installed program (the one exception I can recall was Corel Easy CD Creator in the mid 90's).  They update virus definitions quickly and in my experience, a well updated network running McAfee will have a very LOW chance of experiencing a virus outbreak.

For business, I DO NOT recommend Symantec.  While things may well have changed in recent years, a few years back, I tried installing a current version of Symantec Antivirus Corporate edition on a Windows 2000 Terminal Server 6 months after 2000 was released.  Symantec did not support terminal services.  McAfee had been working great on terminal services EVEN IN BETA VERSIONS OF 2000 for months prior to it's release.  (I'm sure the current version supports Terminal Services, my point is, I find it difficult to excuse their slow progress in keeping the product compatible with current technologies).  A couple years later there was a couple of highly publicized virus outbreaks.  My company was hit with one the day of the outbreak early in the morning.  By midafternoon, McAfee had definitions to remove the virus. Another company I consulted for used Symantec.  They were hit as well and they used Symantec.  Symantec took two days to release a non "beta" definition file - they did release a tool to clean it - MANUALLY.  Had we used Symantec at the larger company I worked for it would have required hundreds of man-hours to clean the systems using the manual symantec tool.  McAfee covered us in hours.

For home use, I still lean towards McAfee, though I'll admit not as strongly as with corporate.  McAfee doesn't do nearly as much messing with your system that Norton does, but I have seen it occasionally interfere with e-mail, when it's on-demand email scanning is enabled. But that was only once on one client's system.

I do NOT recommend NORTON ANTIVIRUS at all (for that matter, I do NOT recommend MOST norton products - the last product they made that didn't slow down the computer more than it sped it up was the Norton Utilities for Windows 3.1 in the early 90's).  My reasons are similar to corporate.  The norton definition files can be significantly slow in being released.  Further, it seems whenever there is a new service pack or even AOL version, Norton has a tendency to conflict with something.  I've seen issues where it couldn't install after being uninstalled because norton still leaves registry settings and files behind - they have a special tool to remove it completely - the simple need for such a tool is, in my opinion, a glaring example of why Norton is poorly programmed.

If you really don't consider your computer's safety and reliability important to you, then by all means, use a free product such as AVG, Avast, AntiVir, ClamAV, or another free product.

Trend, BitDefender, CA's product, and the various others may be just fine.  But I trust experience and my data is important to me, so I'll pay for protecting it (until I switch to linux).

Here are some links with reviews:



(If they are outdated and don't respond, please let me know).

Some notes:

One virus software may claim to find 50,000 viruses and nother 150,000 - this doesn't mean that one is better than the other - it means one considers each variant of a virus a unique virus where another considers all variants to be under one virus.

These are my opinions, based on my more than 11 years of professional experience and 16 years of personal experience.  Others may feel differently and have different experiences.  

And remember, NOTHING is 100% certain.  Most programs have hueristics that have varying degrees of success, but the best way to identify a virus is through definitions and they can't be included in the definition until SOMEONE has been infected.

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As appear it's a Anti-Virus for a home-user, I surelly point AVP from Kapersky (http://www.kaspersky.com/homeuser) as the best AntiVirus product.

My suggestion go to mix the Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Personal Pro + Kaspersky Anti-Hacker.

Check some benefcts:

"Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Personal Pro

Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Personal Pro provides premium antivirus protection for advanced PC users and home offices. The program includes a range of configuration options to optimize depth of scanning:

    * Monitors all sources of potential virus infection
    * Integrated OfficeGuard technology protects Microsoft Office applications
    * Supports a broad range of mail programs
    * Restoration of data in files infected by viruses
    * Improved management tools and detailed notifications
    * Antivirus database updates every hour, round-the-clock

Reliable Protection for Your Computer
System Requirements
Reliable Protection for Your Computer

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro protects your computer in real-time, scanning all files as soon as they are created, opened or copied. The product fully scans local and network disks on demand or on schedule.
Scans archived and compressed files

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro scans archived and compressed files in over 1,300 formats, and disinfects files in ZIP, ARJ, CAB and RAR, ICE and LHA formats. The program also detects viruses in files that have been compressed a number of times.
Continuous email filtration

The program automatically scans all incoming mail messages for viruses, and when necessary disinfects them before they are delivered to the user mailbox. Outgoing mail is also scanned for viruses in real-time. The program can also scan email databases for many types of mail clients, and disinfects databases for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express on demand.
Proactive protection from macro viruses

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro ensures total control over macros in all Microsoft Office documents by blocking any suspicious activity. Complete protection from all macro viruses, including as yet unknown malware, ensures that your computer is safe.
Optimized performance

By using the scan acceleration technologies, iChecker™ and iStreams™, the program's operating speed is increased by three times and the program now uses two times less RAM than previous versions.
Support for laptops

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal ensures that laptops are always fully protected, even when they are not connected to the network. If the connection is interrupted during updating of antivirus databases, the partial updates are saved and the missing parts are automatically downloaded once the connection is restored.
Protection from spyware

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro offers robust protection from spyware, removing all traces of spyware from computer systems. It detects malware that initiates remote observation and control over the victim PC such as programs for remote administration, keyboard espionage, password detection and automatic dialup to premium sites. It also identifies several types of adware programs.
Protection against new viruses

Experts at Kaspersky Lab proudly present our second-generation heuristic virus analyzer that protects PCs from unknown viruses. This intricate and advanced technology detects almost 100% of previously undocumented viruses.
Quarantine for infected files

With Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro, infected or suspicious files can be stored in quarantine and backup folders. The main advantage of this strategy is that files are still available for analysis or restoration, and at the same time are isolated to prevent penetration of viruses to the system.
Stops script viruses

Classic antivirus solutions are incapable of stopping script viruses from infecting RAM. Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro can, due to the built-in Script Checker. Script Checker serves as a filter between scripts and the corresponding application, which means all scripts run on your PC, are scanned before executed.
Fully automated antivirus protection

Do you ever forget to scan all of your disks? Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro provides users with a convenient administration tool, allowing them to set flexible schedules and regimes for program components.
Hourly updates to antivirus databases

New malicious programs are constantly released by malware writers. Kaspersky Lab responds by releasing updates to antivirus databases every hour round-the-clock. The program automatically chooses the least busy update server to download updates from and only downloads those parts of files that have changed since the last update."

"Kaspersky Anti-Hacker

Computers need protection against hacker attacks which can steal information, introduce viruses into your system, and turn your machine into a zombie for use in spamming attacks. And all of this can be done without your knowledge or consent.
Say no to hackers

Kaspersky Anti-Hacker, the personal firewall developed by Kaspersky Labs, offers you reliable protection against all these threats. The product has flexible configuration and five security levels for ease of use. It is fully compatible with MS WIndows XP SP2.
Effective protection

Kaspersky Anti-Hacker blocks the most common hacker network attacks by continuously filtering incoming and outgoing traffic. The program detects most types of DoS attacks, as well as Ping of Death attacks, Land, Helkern, Lovesan and SMBDie. In addition, Anti-Hacker detects attempted port scans that often precede mass attacks. When an attack occurs a notification is immediately sent to the user.
Tracking network activity

Kaspersky Anti-Hacker contains predefined rules for the most commonly used mail transfer agents, web-browsers, ICQ and other instant messaging programs. You can set security rules for Internet applications, and can regulate network application activity on the basis either of general program categories or specific actions performed by individual applications.
Packet filtration

Kaspersky Anti-Hacker checks all data packets and prevents unsanctioned leaks of confidential information. The program analyses all aspects of data transfer; headings, the protocol used, ports, IP addresses and so forth. Packets are filtered according to user defined rules based on this information. For instance, you can set packet filtration rules that will apply to all applications or only specified ones. If an IP-address is blocked by packet filtration rules, it will not be accessible to any application.
Self-modification system

Kaspersky Anti-Hacker modifies security rules for Internet applications using its inbuilt self-modification feature. When an event occurs which is not described in the pre-defined rules, the user has the option to create and add a new rule to the list of security rules. As a result, users are free to tailor a security profile to meet their specific needs.
Total invisibility

SmartStealth technology protects you by making your PC 'invisible'. When your computer is in 'Stealth' mode, no one can detect your computer in a network since all network activity is prohibited, unless explicitly permitted by rules which you, the user, define. You are free to surf the Internet unseen. You are even protected against DoS attacks."

The Kapersky won the most respected award premiuns like Computer Buyer Best Buy Award, PC World - Best Buy, VB100% status (VB means Virus Bulletin), and others.

Kapersky have the best high skill team in AntiVirus research, and consequentilly by years is the biggest Virus Database Signature granting the BEST RATE OF DETECTION against any other AntiVirus product. ;)

Some publications say that 8 in 10 virus writter point Kapersky AntiVirus as the most effective AntiVirus product avaible. ;)

Hope this help,

Hi nightflower,

for my two cents worth im with leew mostly..... Norton is Crap, ignore it, dont bother with it, dont listen to anyone who says it isnt crap because it is...notron had the name for a while but are rapidly becoming badmouthed and resented

I use Trend Micro at home and at the office - its central management system is unbeatable and Officescan for clients, server protect for servers have yet to fail

they also provide the best free service on line in the form of housecall

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Eset's NOD32 is the best, light on resources and has the most Virus Bulletin 100% awards.


You will not be disappointed..
Hi there
Kaspersky is the best.
Script-kiddies = people who use other softwares to make a keylogger or batch

well they could encrypt it so norton and other antiviruses couldnts discover it

But kasper has always discovered them



personal :)
Helped? Any doubt related to Kapersky AVP ?
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
Norton 2006.

BR Dushan
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