Offline Defrag Exchange 2000

Hello all,
I have 70GB of disk space for my exchange Database.
I have 3 stores running. one of them is 32GB edb and 30GB stm
I am having some issues (users say they sent emails and they do not go through "disappear" or pop3 users take forever to download their messages (less then 3MB total)
I am thinking of offline defrag.
I will have to copy it to another server.... what do you advice me to do? please give me step by step as I have not done it before.
What are the chances of failure?
the server running it on has 100GB of free DS and dual 3.2GHz with 2GB ram on a RAID 5.  Do you think the Disk space is enough?

also this is what I get on the maintenance email  that runs weekly!!!!

The Microsoft Exchange Server Mailbox Manager has completed processing mailboxes
Started at:     2006-04-15 00:04:22
Completed at:   2006-04-15 00:04:28
Mailboxes processed:    0
Messages moved: 0
Size of moved messages: 0.00 KB
Deleted messages:       0
Size of deleted messages:       0.00 KB

Do you think this would solve my problem.... how much down time should I expect?
Do you recommend I dismount the other stores as well?
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onlinerackAuthor Commented:
I have only 7GB free disk space on the server (database partition)
onlinerackAuthor Commented:
also when I copy the db are we talking about copying the priv1.db and priv1.stm or just the priv1.db?  
Look at this article:
How to run Eseutil on a computer without Exchange Server

"also when I copy the db are we talking about copying the priv1.db and priv1.stm or just the priv1.db?"
You will need to copy BOTH the .EDB and .STM files.

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onlinerackAuthor Commented:
So how much disk space free do I need on the destinantion server that I will be running it on... Is it the DBtimes 110 or db and stm times 110

In other words you need 110% of the store size availiable in free space.
it is my opinion that offline maintenance should not be performed on a regular basis and also not for defragging.
the exchange database of this size is far too fragile.  At minumum add space so that you can have an additional .edb/.stm files backups while defragging.

first determine what white space you plan to gain. If you have recently undergone some archviving method, or told users to clean thier crap up, then you have white space.  Exchange file sizes only grow upward and never shrink on thier own.  If you beleive that you will gain 20% or more of your white space back, it might be worth building a new mailbox store and moving users to it, backup the .edb/.stm files and move the files back where you want them.

I usually get a big firewire/usb2/sata external drive for this task.  Can be done easily on a saturday in your case.

To estimate the white space in the database compare the .edb/.stm (after log truncating backup) with what ESM reports the mailbox sizes are.

During this process you have the option to break users into several mailbox stores if desired.
onlinerackAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for the responses.
I only have 8GB of free space. I was thining of moving the users, but I have 300+ users. I am afraid of moving them and then run out of space in the process.

Do you think if I get a USB 400GB or so and just copy the STM and EDB files over I should be ok. Blackberries would not be affected right (after I bring the server online)
What are the chances of offline defrag not working properly? in your own expereience.
What about adding the USB 400GB  hard disk drive temporery to that server and tell eseutil to store is temp files there.
There is no risk with the eseutil (offline defrag) becouse it creat a temp files and replase the source files only after the proccess end successfully.

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