Data error <cyclic redundancy check>

hi i'm newbie, here is my problem i have 2 hard drive in my computer c: and d:, when i was trying to copy a file from c: to d: and then i got data error <cyclic redundancy check> and then i reboot my PC, after the reboot, my pc doesnt recognized my d: drive anymore,  i cant open my d: drive anymore everytime i'm trying to open it, i got msg that ask me to format the hard drive, man i have so much important stuff there. i'm trying to do chkdsk but it only chkdsk my c: drive the pc doesnt recognized my d drive anymore, but i can still see it in my windows.. any solution guys thank u
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seems that you hard drive is died!
but just to make sure you can try running some diagnostic tools to check out that what's they are reporting?

Hard Drive Diagnostic Tools

And in case, if they report the hard drive as un-accessible, then you can try some recovery tools to recover your data present on the hard drive.

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I suggest you try the 2nd recovery tool on shehar's list, getdataback. This tool is the best for recovery. It doesn't write anything to the HD. The trial version you can download scans the disk for recoverable files, and if you can see things that are worth recovering, you can pay for the software to actualy recover the files to your other HD.

If getdataback can't find anything on the disk, you can check if the disk is accessible with another OS. For that get a copy of Knoppix, boot the CD and check if you can mount the 2nd HD. If you can't, the only thing you will be able to do is to send the HD to a recovery agency. Gilware aren't as expensive as others and they only charge you if they are successfull, but the success rate is well over 90%!
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
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imoetAuthor Commented:
ok, i anybody know why i got data error, coz im trying to avoid that in the future, right now currently i'm using stellar-phoenix data recovery, its working but it takes long time to scan the whole hard drive aprox takes 12 hours to scan 10% of the hard drive ( 160gb), any suggestion what is the best data recovery program? do i using the right program?
try GetDataBack, if this program is giving you trouble.
put the D drive in the fridge overnight.  Boot with C, and very quickly try to copy as much stuff as you can.  Start with the most important directories first, like D:\my documents.  You only have 5-10 mins before you will get sector errors.  If you get them immediately, you can write off most data on that drive.
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
Important comment on scrathcyboy's post.

Place the hard drive in a SEALED plastic bag before placing in fridge.

Once removed, leave the hard drive in bag, but connect the cables and seal the bag as best as possbile (rubber band, loose string - this is to prevent condensation).

This is a last shot attempt, it usually only works once.

Other posters have recommended GetDataBack, I do too.
<< anybody know why i got data error>>
Well you can get such error problems on your hard drive for several reasons some of which are Intermittent power failure, Shuting down the system improperly i.e Forced Turn Off,Getting the drive full to maximum capacity, Virus Attack...

this sites should give you a handful of information for now and the future

All the Best

imoetAuthor Commented:
hi thx for all the inputs. really2 usefull, yeah i'm still on recovering process, it takes while prob 2 days, but i think i only manage to safe 50% of the data, since when i tried to open some files and it's corrupted.... (with stellar-phoenix), right now im trying getdataback hopefully it's not corrupted as much as the last one..
anyway is there anyway to fix the corrupted program or do i have to use a particullar setting on the program to get the maximum result? thank you very much
If the drive gets bad you get that error too. Once you have recovered the data (I agree that getdataback is the best, butthat will take a long time too) you should really extensivly test the HD. Best is to use the utility from the manufacturer, but maxtor's powermax will work with most HD's I know. Most of these tools, if you don't want to download them individually from their homepage, are on the UBCD
Forgot to mention, if you get errors with these tools, you should replace the bed disks. Maybe you can get a warranty replacement.
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