ORacle 8.1.7 Edition- Database Startup Problem

Have installed Windows 2000 Server. and ORacle 8.1.7 Edition.
After installation the Database was working fine. but once i restart the PC, not able to connect. checking the status found that the Database is not mount/initiatlized. and each time i have to manually start my Database..
1. Can i Have a batch file/script for this
2. Can i have it at startup ?

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create a bacthfile (say dbstart.bat) having contents:

sqlplus "/ as sysdba" @oradbastart (you will have to mention full path for this file)

where oradbstart.sql should contain:


Add dbstart.bat in stratup menu of windows.

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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
If you still want a BAT approach you can do it in a single file:
@echo off
echo / as sysdba
echo startup
) | sqlplus -s

A batch file will work but it's probably better to figure out why it isn't starting on boot in the first place.  Make sure the service is set to automatic.  Check the registry settings and make sure it's set to autostart the instance (I don't have any 8i left around so I'm not sure of the exact settings).

Then check the alert log for startup errors.
there is a bug in oracle 8.1.7 on some windows 2000 platforms which causes oracle not to start automatically.

look at oracle METALINK for a patch.
Pierrick LOUBIERIS Operational Excellence ManagerCommented:
Final version of 8i is If you want the instance to start automatically at Windows boot :

1. open the services console (Start -> Run -> services.msc) and set the startup type of OracleService<SID> to automatic
2. open the registry (Start -> Run -> regedit), and set TRUE to the key ORA_<SID>_AUTOSTART located in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORACLE\HOME0

As an alternate method, you can use ORADIM in a DOS window :

ORADIM -EDIT -SID <your_sid> -STARTMODE auto
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