Uninstalled SSH remotely?! Help reinstalling!

Ok, i totally botched up here. While logged into my Fedora machine I accidently pasted and ran:
yum remove openssh-server openssh-clients
Without remembering I rebooted the machine and now im locked out. What are my options? Surely there is a way to get yum to install openssh-server and openssh-clients without actually logging in via ssh.

ANY help would be appreciated. I've got limited ftp access, but as far as i know, no telnet access. What can I do?! Thanks
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ChrisSMGAuthor Commented:
Thought I should add, I've got a few other servers with identical setups in the same datacenter. I wouldnt be able to gain access somehow with this would I?
no if it happend then u have to configure your server again not remotly but in that server location.

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If by any chance you have webmin installed on that server, you could use that to reinstall ssh... Or if you have telnet active (actually I hope not, as having telnet active would defeat having something as secure as SSH running...).
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ChrisSMGAuthor Commented:
Neither cases.No webmin or SSH access
You mean telnet... ;)

Anyway, that means you'll have plan a trip to datacenter like ran' already suggested...
ChrisSMGAuthor Commented:
Alright guys, total bummer.
nothing much hard.

login throught telnet ( some user )

someuser$su -
enter root password

You can install Package using rpm from directory to net... also which explaine below..

root@home#rpm -ivh http://Server_name/openssh-x.x.xx.rpm

OR if have local where running Webserver (some other PC ) you download all packages which u want to install copy in Webserver ROOT Directory and you can directory install from following commnd.


linux2000in at yahoo dot com

so funny comment by linux2000in,  ChrisSMG didnt login to his remote server bcos he already disable telnet as well as ssh so how he ll login through telnet?
ChrisSMGAuthor Commented:
I'm going ahead and having the tech at the datacenter reinstall it. Thanks anyways guys.
thanks too
ranadastidar ,

I did not read properly !! :(  So, i understood telent access is there.

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