Goldmine v6.7 License file issue


I have a small Goldmine Installation running off a Borland dBase.

On logging on one morning, the user was confronted with the "Welcome to Goldmine..." message asking for my registration/license details to be entered.

On further inspection, the license.dbf file was found to be truncated- when opened in notepad, all lines were missing except for the first. I therefore replaced the license file with a good version retrieved from a backup and the problem cleared up.

My main concern is not knowing how this happened- has anyone out there experienced a similar problem? What is the cause?
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TommyTupaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Corruption is cause by one of the following:
1. The database files were opened with a non-GoldMIne application.
2. Errors occurred on the machine during maintenance.
3. Bad hardware, especially a failing disk drive
4. Shutting down Windows unexpectedly.

Depending on your environment you should expect some sort of file corruption about once a year.  You can search the Goldmine newsgroups (e.g. and you'll see posts full of corruption issues.  I typically keep updated versions of the following files close at hand:
1. License.dbf
2. Flags.dbf.
3.  idapi32.cfg

A few more words about corruption:
When I was a Goldmine consultant I recall making very frequent use of the two files at the URL--> The text in the URL may say something about cleaning up BLOBS; but the files are excellent at cleaning up all kinds of  dBase corruption issues.  At one point I even recall having to purchase a dBase fixer for a particular problem.    Goldmine has the following words to say about database corruption-->  

juanferminConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Generally with Goldmine, it's a good idea to always keep an extra copy of your LICENSE.DBF file.  Usually what I do is right click on the file and hit copy, then click on paste, this way I'll have an extra file that says "copy of License.dbf".  If the original ever gets screwed up, I rename that one to "License.dbf" then create another copy and I'm good to go.

Also may be a good idea to run a DB Maintainance on your files.  GM has a built in utility for running scheduled unattended DB Maintanance, and if you have one of the newer versions, it also has a utility to backup your DB, you should also do this on a regular basis as well.
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