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Subnet ?

what is the subnet mask for the IP scheme ?  Is it a /24  and a
1 Solution
10.x.x.x is a private IP range. You can use any or all of it with your private network.  So a network mask from through would work.

The mask of is fine and will give you an IP range of through
You can make it anything you want. is the default mask for this class A network is a perfectly acceptible subnet mask
/24 =
          8 +  8 + 8 + 0 = 24 mask bits
Depends on how you're trying to subnet. It can be anything with a subnet mask that's at least 8 bits long.

As lrmoore as already said, /24 and are the same thing when you're discussing subnet masks.
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Justin MaloneSystem AdministratorCommented:
if you are being classfull then the awnser would be 10.x.x.x. however if you want the easyest awnser just assign a new subnet mask. this will determin where the network part of the address ends and where the  host part starts for example

00001010.00000001.00000001.00000001 =
11111111.00000000.00000000.00000000 =
if you use and logic to put them togeather you get
00001010.00000000.00000000.00000000 = (network address)

Vs if you change the subnet mask to say then you get

00001010.00000001.00000001.00000001 =
11111111.11111111.11111111.00000000 =
if you use and logic to put them togeather you get
00001010.00000001.00000001.00000000 = (network address)

the 0's represent the number of hosts that will fit in this network in this case it is 254 (256 subtract 1 for a broadcast address and 1 for the network address)
The quick an easy answer, without further information, would be to assume it's its natural class A -

Unless they're subnetted, any network with the beginning octet less than 128 has a "natural mask" of
Justin MaloneSystem AdministratorCommented:
i guess in retrospect my awnser was not as easy as as i thought it was lol.
Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:

Now subnet is easy for you see please following links

You can also check the subnet mask through the following link


Full description:



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